Renovations to Make Your Home More Comfortable While Increasing Value

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Home renovations are big projects and often cost a lot. That’s why many people are turning towards renovating for home value – specifically choosing renovation projects that will give them the best return on investment should they decide to sell in the future.

But it’s important not to sacrifice comfort when renovating. Luckily, it’s easy to pair comfort and home value together and still have plenty of renovation ideas and options available. And when all is said and done, should you decide to stay in your home for longer than expected, you’ll be happy you chose to make comfort a priority.

With so many renovation options, it can be hard to determine which ones to choose. Here’s a list of some of the top home renovations to help increase your home’s value and comfort at the same time.

Get Trusted Advice

If you have plans to sell your home soon and are looking to immediately increase the value of your home, it’s best to get the advice of the right real estate agent in Ajax. Many homeowners believe they should renovate their Ajax home before talking to an agent, but it’s best to do the opposite.

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Real estate agents navigate the local real estate market daily and have first-hand knowledge of what buyers are looking for and their top priorities. You might think you know exactly what areas of your home need work, but it’s also easy to be biased by the time you’ve spent living there. An agent will have an impartial opinion, and while your initial instincts may not be completely wrong, an agent can offer advice that will make your renovation dollars go further toward increasing the value of your home and the final sale price.

Focus on the Kitchen

When renovating to increase your home’s value, it’s hard to go wrong in the kitchen. Kitchens sell homes, so investing in it will almost always be worth it.

Renovating your kitchen also goes a long way to increase your comfort. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, as it tends to be the hub of a house. Making sure its functional will make it much more pleasant to spend time in, whether that’s by upgrading counters to attractive and easily maintained options, upgrading to high-end appliances that will make your life easier or adding an island, so the kids have somewhere to do their homework after school or eat a quick breakfast.

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Easy Kitchen Upgrades

Increase Storage Space

Increasing your home’s storage may not be the most exciting renovation project, but its benefits go far. Home buyers always look at the storage availability in a house and are often turned off if a home is too cluttered or closets are too full, implying there’s not a reasonable amount of storage.

Creating more storage space also adds to comfort because it gives you more space to put your stuff and reduce the clutter in your home. Adequate storage means you won’t have cupboards and closets stuffed to the brim, allows you to swap out clothes and equipment based on the season and keep your home more organized. Basically, more storage equals less stress.

Renovate for both comfort and value, and you’ll reap the rewards whether you sell or stay in your home.

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