Should You Replace Your Own Electrical Panel?

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Electrical panel faults can cause huge problems, and not everybody wants to call in a specialist just to get it fixed. However, like a lot of electrical issues, it can also be hard to tell if you are able to repair it yourself or not.

Should you attempt to fix or replace your electrical panel yourself? How dangerous would it be to attempt it without the right kind of training?


Electrical panels are designed to stay safe to use in most cases, but if they break, that safety can be compromised. A broken panel often means that breakers are constantly tripping and appliances or outlets are not functioning, but this does not mean that the power is shut off and therefore not a threat.

The problem with any broken electrical system is that you can’t predict what will happen. Something that looks fixed could actually be completely broken, and something that looks ruined might still have a fair amount of electricity running through it. This makes it dangerous to mess with the system if you are not prepared.

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Long-Term Risk

While it would technically be possible to replace your own electrical panel, the dangers far outweigh the benefits of doing it on your own. Even if you want to be self-sufficient, it is still important to call in a specialist who can examine your system safely and avoid causing any further damage.

One of the biggest reasons that it is not a good idea to handle electrical panel replacement yourself is the massive risk it poses to your home. Even if you can replace the panel without hurting yourself, there is no guarantee that you will have replaced it perfectly, and a misplaced wire could cause additional faults or even start a fire.


Electrical panels are not easy to replace, even if they look simple at first. Trying to do it yourself can become an exercise in frustration, especially if you are installing a new panel design that requires you to move wires around and adjust the way that your electrical connections work slightly.

A large part of what makes electrical panel replacement hard is the fact that these systems are so precise. Even the most basic models have to be installed in specific ways and handled with a lot of care, and that means doing it according to a set of rules that are specifically taught to specialists.

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There is also the fact that it might not be legal to handle electrical panel replacement on your own. While there can be rules against it in rented homes, even a home that you own yourself needs to fit certain specifications and safety regulations and doing this kind of DIY work can violate that.

For example, replacing your electrical panel in the wrong way can lead to issues where your home is suddenly considered to be under a safety risk or no longer livable. These systems need to be fixed, replaced and tested by a specialist with the right qualifications and licenses to make the entire process legal and trustworthy.

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