Spring/Summer 2022 Home Decor Trends 

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Houseplants have been a big trend of 2022, bringing the greenery indoors. This trend brings a fresh feel of life into any space in your home, helping you to create that earthy bohemian vibe. It is so easy to build up a collection of your favourite houseplants and create your very own jungle. You just need to know how to look after them since each type of plant requires different amounts of watering. Not only do house plants look good but research demonstrates they also provide a range of health benefits. Having house plants can: improve physical health, diminish air dryness and can be beneficial to your mental health.


If you love the feel of house plants throughout the home, you could take it to the next level by incorporating biophilic design into the home. This trend is all about having the feel of nature within your home, blending the outdoors with the indoors and goes beyond the addition of plants. This 2022 trend helps to create a calming space that works well to help sooth the mind. Green paint colours help to create this biophilia look, the love for green paint this year is growing. Although you can use houseplants to help achieve this look is more about achieving an aesthetic look, unlike our jungle house plant trend. Not only does this trend look good but it can be used to help and fight climate change, which is why it is also a popular trend that architects are using within big buildings. 

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Feature wall 

More and more people are wanting to make a statement within their homes. Not only are homeowners creating feature walls through the use of paint and wallpaper, but people are now using texture materials and interesting designs to create a statement. If you’re wanting to make a bold feature wall in your home, Victory Colours have some bright and colourful wallpaper choices.Their Alice Green Wallpaper will be sure to make a statement. A feature wall is a great way to create a colourful and unique look for your home, drawing attention to a specific area of a room.


Coloured neutrals or a cream room are one trend that will never go out of fashion. It creates a classic and airy feel during the spring/summer whilst making a room feel brighter in the winter. This is a very minimalistic trend, however if you get the colours and the tones right it can work in any room. This is the kind of trend that needs other textures and accent colours to bring it to life, neutrals can act as a blank canvas to add your touch of colour in other decorative areas. Such a simple looking trend, but one that can really help lift a home, creating a sense of tranquillity. 

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This year people are about upcycling and making use of what they already have in their homes. The benefit of this is that it is an excellent way to save money and a great way to be kinder to the planet. What’s more you get to create something that is unique to you. With delayed shipping and shortages people are more likely to get back to a bit of DIY, and refresh what they already have. This is such a great way to add some personality and even history into your home, a way of creating a piece for home that no one else will have.

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