The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Call a Professional Plumbing Service

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It is one of those things as a homeowner that no one wants to deal with. Whether it be a clogged toilet, busted faucet, or a leak, no one wants to have to call in plumbing services. But when you run into issues like that, bringing in a professional may be the best recourse for more than a few reasons.

There are five reasons in particular why you might want to bring in a professional plumber to take a look at the problem. Let’s go over each of those reasons so that when the time comes, you can be prepared to make the call.

1. Clogged Drains

The single most common reason for needing a professional plumber is clogged drains. They are not only a common issue that plagues homeowners, but they can occur anywhere in the house. Since there are several drains throughout your home, it just increases the possibilities for a clog.

Whether it is your bathroom toilet, sink, shower, or kitchen sink, there can be a million reasons for the clog. The most common reasons are scum, hair, grease, and residue buildup that happens inside of the drain. Before you know it, your drain is clogged and you are in need of help.

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More often than not, it is not a surface clog, either. This isn’t something that you can just clean with a rag and a little bit of patience. The issue goes well below the surface and requires professional plumbing services. A plumber has the tools necessary to get really deep into the drain, breaking apart clogs that could have built up further down into the drain.

2. Leaks

This is one of those things you hope to never see as a homeowner. Even when they are small in nature, leaks can have huge damage potential if left unchecked. Not only that, but leaks can occur in places that you cannot see. You only find out about them when you see water in unexpected areas or damage that has already been done.

Whether it be a leaky faucet, fixture, or piping, it needs to be attended to immediately. A professional plumber not only has the tools to resolve the issue, but the experience needed to troubleshoot the issue quickly.

That means getting a fix fast and potentially saving yourself from water damage. Unchecked leaks can result in rusting, damaged flooring, and even rotting. Save yourself the trouble and call a plumber.

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3. Spotting Potential Issues

Just because you can’t see any issues does not mean that they aren’t there. While that sounds a little paranoid, there will be other signs. You might hear loud sounds coming from the water heater, for instance. That is a sign that there is something wrong.

Even if you can’t see any leaks or clogs, there may be signs that something is up. By having a professional plumber come out, you can ensure that any potential problems are nipped in the bud before they have a chance to become an issue.

Preventative maintenance is also a good way to keep these issues from occurring. You can find out about any impending issues before they actually become a problem.

4. Safety

Many of us like to think that with a little know-how and the right tools, we can take on any job ourselves. While that is noble (and can save money), most of the time it is a foolhardy line of thinking.

Sure, you might be able to save a little money now, but how much money will you be costing yourself in the long-term? Doing the job yourself means there is a greater potential for error, which could lead to further complications down the line.

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By bringing in a professional plumber, you get someone whose literal job is to fix plumbing issues. They have the knowledge, tools, and experience to do the job the right way. It might cost a little more up front but it can save you major bucks (and frustration) down the line.

5. Guarantee

Perhaps the biggest reason to go with a professional plumber is because just about any plumber worth their salt will provide a guarantee. These can vary anywhere from 30 days to a lifetime depending on the service that you use.

That provides peace of mind in more ways than one. Not only do you have the peace of mind that a professional is handling the issue, but you get the guarantee that, should something go wrong, they will come out and resolve the issue.

That guarantee can be more of a peace of mind than having the professional out. Knowing that if something goes wrong you are covered is a huge relief. Even with the best of professionals, issues can pop up and leave you back at square one.

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