Top 3 Small Greenhouses in 2020

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If you’re a budding green thumb, or carry bags of experience and are looking for more room for your plants, a small greenhouse can be a fantastic way of making sure your plants are warm and safe across all four seasons in a year. 

A greenhouse is a shelter for plants, usually made of transparent material such as glass or translucent canvas. The climatic conditions and sustained environment within the roof and walls of the greenhouse dictate what plants are grown inside. 

Miniature greenhouses come in various designs and sizes. They also differ in functionality in that you’ll find some greenhouses are better suited for small succulents and seedlings while others are more practical for bigger plants. 

See more to help you figure out which option is best for you, we’ve made a comprehensive list of three of the best small greenhouses you’ll come across in the market in 2020.

1. Homewell Mini Walk-In Greenhouse

This greenhouse should be a more than ideal choice to have in your backyard, especially for hobby botanists and home gardeners. Its convenient design allows the gardener to not only store plants, but gardening tools and supplies as well.  

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The Homewell mini walk-in is 29” long, 77“ high, and 56” wide. It comes with a zipper door entrance with a dimension of 64” high and 30” wide. It has 3 wire shelves on each side and a clear plastic cover to retain energy from the sun. 

2. Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Mini Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a top brand that makes high-quality greenhouse structures, then Quictent should be right up your alley, or garden in this case. The Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Mini Greenhouse will help you grow your seeds into plants regardless of where you live. 

Its unique design and build ensure the structure is strong and durable so that it can be used for many a year. Its heavy-duty steel framework and transparent PVC cover provide stability and protection against UV rays from the sun. 

Perhaps its most appealing feature is that it can be placed both outdoors and indoors thanks to its miniature size. It is, however, still big enough to place a seedbed and a good number of plant pots.

3. AeroGarden Bounty Elite

Thanks to Aerogarden pods, you can now grow fresh plants on your kitchen countertop without getting the mess that comes with garden work. 

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The Aerogarden Bounty Elite, for instance, is like a small hydroponic garden that allows plants to grow without soil and have their roots in water. It has a water reservoir for the plants to grow in and an overhead extendable full spectrum LED grow light. 

It also has a fully interactive control panel that’s very user friendly and informs you when you should add water and nutrients.   

A Greenhouse Can Complete Your Home

Small greenhouses offer an array of benefits and possibilities while covering a much smaller area as compared to a full-sized greenhouse. They protect plants from the damaging elements of nature but they allow light to permeate inside while snow and harsh rainfall are kept out. 

Having a mini greenhouse is a great idea that can be really rewarding as it can significantly better your overall mood and make your residence a lot more homely. 

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