What Colors Can Fiberglass Pools Be?

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Fiberglass pools come in a wide range of colors. As such, it can often be tricky to choose the right color for your pool. You see a picture of a great looking pool and want to have the same pool in your backyard too. However, you are not too sure. Yes, it is a great looking pool but is it right for your home? 

Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right color for your fiberglass pool:

Find a great picture

The best place to start is to find a picture of a pool that you really love. The Internet can be a great help in this. When you find one, check with your pool company if they can build a similar one for you. Remember that photos on the Internet are more often than not digitally altered. The color that you see on the photo may not be the real color. Check with your pool company to see what they suggest.

Match the pool with your backyard

The color of your fiberglass pool and your backyard must be in harmony. A pool that does not match its surroundings will only be an eyesore. What kind of landscaping does your backyard have? If you have a modern, contemporary-looking back yard, you need a pool that complements the same. The same goes for a rustic looking backyard. Traditional pool colors are nowadays available with a lot of variations. A little tweak and you have your perfect color.

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Pick a color that lasts

Trends change with time. What is fashionable today may not be tomorrow. Your fiberglass pool will last you for years and years. Choose a color that can stand the test of time.

Purpose of your pool

When picking a fiberglass pool color, think about what you use your pool mostly for. If you like to lounge around and relax by the pool, pick green or blue tones as they tend to have a calming effect. Do you like pool parties? Are you someone who loves entertaining and has guests over very often? You may want to pick colors like gold or tan as they can mimic the beach adding to the fun quotient.

Size of your pool

If you have a smaller pool you may want to pick a lighter color. Lighter colors give the illusion of space, so your pool looks bigger. If you want to create a reflection pool look you may want to go in for darker shades.

Check out a physical pool

Your fiberglass pool company must have built hundreds of pools. When you have decided on a color, ask them if they can give you access to a similar color pool. Nothing beats checking out a real pool to see what you have in mind in reality.

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Choose a color you like

Remember that at the end of the day, it is your house and your pool. You are the one who has to spend years in that house. Pick a fiberglass pool color that you like. It is great to read about what’s trending to get an idea. But at the end of it all, you need a color that you like and soothes your eyes. Something may be very trendy. But what’s the point if you detest it?

Fiberglass pool colors

Among all other pool surfaces, fiberglass gel coats are the most durable. If you maintain them well, your fiberglass pool can last you a lifetime. When you choose a fiberglass pool color, you are most likely choosing a color for several decades. Hence, picking a timeless color makes a lot of sense. You may be tempted to choose a trending color, but what if it is no longer fashionable a year from now?

Some of the best Fiberglass Pool Colour Options are:

Light blues

Light blue gel coats with a white shimmer effect can help create an ocean-like feel in your pool. It also makes your pool bigger than what it really is. If you are a beach body, you may really like this color to give you the feeling of being at a beach.

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Dark blues

If you like a reflective pool with a mirror-like finish, you may want to choose dark blue gel coats. It is bound to add a classy look to your house.


Turquoise color gel coats give a Caribbean feel to your swimming pool. If you like Caribbean beach holidays, you may want to choose this color.


If you have a lush, green backyard with beautiful trees, a green color fiberglass pool is the perfect fit for your backyard.


Do you like tropical pools? A tan color fiberglass pool is sure to remind you of your tropical beach holiday.


Grey color gel coats give a very light, clear, and pristine look to your fiberglass pool. It is a beautiful light color reminding you of the Caribbean beaches.


Black may sound like a very odd color for a fiberglass pool but it is extremely trendy these days. A black fiberglass pool looks extremely elegant and gives a personality to your backyard.


White is one of the more traditional yet immensely popular fiberglass pool colors. A white color pool looks clean and reflects the sky to give a light blue appearance. If you are looking for a pure and simple look, go for white.

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Fiberglass pool colors can also affect the temperature of your pool water. Lighter colors reflect the rays of the sun while darker colors absorb more heat and light.

If you live in a hot region with a lot of direct sunlight, you may want to opt for lighter colors to keep your pool cool. If you live in a cooler region, you may want to opt for darker colors. Darker colors will help you increase the temperature of your pool water at no extra cost. If you live in cooler climates, opt for dark blues or even black. White, light blue, or turquoise do great for those living in hot and humid regions.

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