What Do Rodents Eat? Food That Attracts Them to Your Home

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In case you have been experiencing rodent infestations at your home, you might be wondering how to get rid of the situation. Well, before you reach out to a company specializing in rodent control Sydney, you must try removing the sources of food. Once you start starving the rats that infest your home, they would move elsewhere in search of food. In the first place, you should be aware of the food that attracts rodents. To help you eliminate these pesky creatures, we have come up with this post, informing you what rodents eat. Once you get to know the food to which they are drawn, you simply need to put them away from their access.

Here’s what rodents feed on: Remove these food sources


Firstly, you need to clean your rubbish bin regularly, leaving no opportunity for rats and mice to feed on these wastes. Remember, most homes attract rodents as they have sufficient waste food in their rubbish bins. Particularly decomposing food like meat, vegetables, fruit, bread, and chest emit a peculiar smell, which draws rodents. Make sure to get a metal bin, so that they cannot chew through the material. With a heavy lid, you can secure your rubbish bin against rodents.

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Pet food

Well, if you have a dog or a cat at home, rodents might be looking out for left-over particles of their food. While pet food largely includes dog and cat food, you cannot miss out fish food in any circumstance. Therefore, put away non-sealed bags and containers in strong and secure cabinets. This way, you can starve mice and rats of pet food.


You must be knowing that rats are omnivorous when it comes to food habits. Well, talking of meat, rodents would be opportunistic for these items. When they come across left-over meat or bones, they would readily feast on them. Although they would not actively hunt for meat, you would have all the food leftovers devoured. Besides, rodents feed on red meat, rotten fish, and meat from waste disposal containers.


Different types of fruits, particularly berries, are popular among rats and mice. If you have these items stored in open spaces at your home, they would draw rodents. The reason is, these fruits emit a typical smell, that attracts insects and mice. Besides, if you have any kind of decomposing fruit at your home, make sure to remove them. Rater than nuts and seeds, rodents love feeding on these decomposing stuff.

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Seeds and grains

Seeds and grains find their mention among the most popular food for rodents. Whether they find seeds fresh from the plants, or stored in your kitchen, they would try to cherish these meals. This is why you would find rodents, particularly in storage areas.

Seeking professional help for rodent control

Just like pest control Sydney, professional companies know advanced techniques to help you get rid of rodents. Once you reach out to one of these service providers, they would do the needful. In the process, you can breathe a sigh of relief from rodent infestations at your homes. However, you need to tackle on the problem from your end, removing every possible food from the access of these creatures at the outset.

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