What Is Landlord Insurance And Why You Need It

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Nowadays, you can get insurance for almost everything you can think of, from your home to your vehicle to your pet. If you’re a real estate investor, you are likely to avail of insurance for financial security. However, if you want to rent the property out, you’ll be entrusting someone else with its care, which has risks.   

First-time landlords may expect that their home insurance would pay 100% of the expenditures in the instance of a natural catastrophe, accident, or other detrimental occurrences. However, this is an amateur misconception.   

What Is Landlord Insurance   

Landlord insurance is a type of protection necessary when your house is leased or rented continuously. It considers the dangers inherent in owning a rental property, particularly safeguarding your rental revenue.   

Moreover, the rental property insurance cost and coverage vary depending on the type of property you own. Your landlord insurance plan may include a variety of coverage choices or endorsements. Furthermore, these coverages are designed to shield you from any financial loss that may come your way.   

Why You Need Landlord Insurance   

Many of the landlord’s demands may not be covered by typical homeowners’ insurance. Hence, you’ll need another insurance if any big problem arises on your rental property. Here’s where landlord insurance comes in.   

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Moreover, there are several different types of landlord insurance quotes to choose from. However, before you start comparing landlord insurance, examine what issues and risks your rental property must explicitly address and safeguard against.  


Furthermore, here are some reasons why you need landlord insurance:   

  • Liability Coverage   

If you lease out a residential area and a renter gets badly harmed, they may file a lawsuit against you for the harm caused. However, your home insurance provider may not agree to cover that risk, and they are likely to refuse the claim.

Fortunately, you may also enjoy liability coverage when you get landlord insurance. It implies that you’ll be insured against legal and medical costs if a renter or visitor sustained physical damages on your rental property. These charges will be covered by your liability insurance, saving you the trouble of footing the bill.   

However, the amount covered by your insurance provider is determined by the level of coverage you selected when you acquired the plan.   

  • Rental Income Protection  

If a rental residence is rendered uninhabitable because of an insured loss, most landlord insurance plans will reimburse the loss.   

Consider the following scenario: If your home was destroyed by a storm and becomes uninhabitable for a length of time, your insurance will cover not just the repair costs but also the loss of income you will experience during that given period. Bear in mind that you’ll be expected to prove every detail of your claim, including the exact rental loss.   

  • Damage To Property

Most landlord policies provide coverage for losses resulting from fires, storms, or other natural disasters, as well as acts of criminality like a break-in. The policy also covers auxiliary structures, such as covered carports.   

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On the other hand, damage to property coverage has a defined limit, and you should be aware of it. Additionally, you must pay the deductibles to your insurance company before you can file a claim and receive payment.  

  • Tenant Damage   

You’ll need to maintain your property regularly because renters use it regularly.   

The applicable legislation, of course, protects renters from having to pay for regular wear and tear. However, there are situations when damage to your property is committed in an intentional or even vandalistic manner.   

Consider the possibility that your renters held a party that went out of control and caused considerable damage to your property. Assuming your renters are unwilling to pay or fix the damage, you can file a claim on your landlord insurance coverage for your financial losses in such a situation.   

  • Legal Cost  

Even while owning a high-quality property should limit your need for legal counsel, bad things do happen. When a landlord-tenant legal issue or a tenant lawsuit arises, your homeowner insurance company may not pay the costs of defending yourself.   

On the contrary, any landlord insurance plans cover additional legal costs, such as attending hearings or hiring legal counsel. Legal representation can cost a great deal. In most circumstances, landlord insurance plans cover the cost of a defense lawyer for claims arising out of the management of the rental property.  

  • Claim Denials  

Suppose you are occasionally renting out your home or are no longer the primary occupant. In that case, you are putting yourself and your financial security at risk if you do not obtain adequate landlord insurance coverage.   

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For that reason, inquire about specific exclusions from your homeowner’s policy. Some are more tolerant of renting out for short periods (vacation or occasional use) than others. Nonetheless, be aware that if you rent out your house for more than a month in a year, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not provide you with adequate coverage.   

In addition, umbrella insurance may not cover you because it only takes effect after other types of insurance have paid their claim limit.   

For instance, if a tenant files a lawsuit against you and you do not have landlord insurance, your umbrella insurance provider may refuse to cover the claim as well. Their attorneys would claim that you were irresponsible in failing to get the landlord insurance and, as a result, misrepresent your genuine risk profile.   

Is Landlord Insurance Mandatory For Rental Property Owners?  

No, property owners don’t need landlord insurance coverage to rent out their properties. Landlord insurance is not required; however, it is strongly advised for property owners to get coverage to protect themselves in the event of a claim from a tenant or property damage.   

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Bottom Line   

Consider the danger mentioned above before renting out a property. With so much on the line, it’s crucial to consider landlord insurance protection. Landlord insurance may seem like a burden at first, but this may protect you from financial losses in the long run. In the end, it is the sense of peace that you gain from knowing that you are secured that is what’s important.  

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