Why the use of security camera has become important? 

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Cameras help in keeping the individuals and their property safe. The security cameras can help in identifying the criminals and keep the record. Through the security cameras the police can also be helped in preventing crimes from happening and enables to quickly solve the criminal cases with proper material evidence. In todays era the use of security camera has become very important in order to stay safe as well as for the safety of others. 

What is NVR security camera system?

It becomes complicated sometimes to keep a check on two different places at a time but the NVR security cameras are able to cover a wide area. The security system is pretty excellent as it helps in preventing from uncertain situations as well as intrusions and they are easy to install. 

How many types of NVR are there?

The abbreviation of NVR is Network Video Recorder that is an advanced computer system in a form of software application which is used to record the digital format videos into a USB drive, disk drive as well as SD memory card. There are mainly three types of NVR recording systems. Each system has its own set of functions and capacity. They are given as are as follows:

  • Cloud service systems
  • Network video recorders
  • Video management software
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What are the properties of Reolink 8-Channel NVR?

The robust Reolink camera is so far the best NVR security camera because of its exceptional features which includes HD detailed images during the day and night. The main property is that night vision can cover up to 100ft.  The camera system has network cables which help in easy set up. The video recordings from this security camera cannot the damaged by faulty cables this will maintain the excellent quality.

What are the speifications of Reolink 8 Channel NVR?

The camera consists of remote playback along with 2TB Hard Disk. One can record videos for a period of 10 days without  any worries or overwriting. The Reolink app can be installed on phone and the videos can be played on smartphone at any time and place. The camera runs 24/7 and has smart motion also these 5mp  cameras enable in flexible operations. They support up to 8 Cameras.  It has a lens of 80@ 4.0 mm. They comprise of Built in microphone and the viewing angle is Vertical  58 degrees with Horizontal 80 degrees. The storage of security camera is built in 2TB hard disk. It supports HDMI, VGA, HDTV as well as Monitor.

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What are the pros and cons of Reolink NVR security camera?

Following are the Pros and Cons. 

Pros include:

It is easy to use.
It supports Wifi cameras and hold flexible operations.
The cameras produce great picture quality.
The camera supports the multitude of SD cards.

Some of the Cons are:

The slot of HD card has very tiny screws, so if it drops it might be difficult to find.
The motion detection of this camera is not 100% accurate. 

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