Why You Should Add a Retractable Awning to Your Home

retractable awning

It is severely unpleasant to sit unprotected under the sun on a sweltering summer day. Staying inside your home might feel like the only option but, it could have been a great opportunity to be outside. Adding a retractable awning is an affordable and appealing solution to all these and more frustrating inconveniences.

Moreover, everyone wants to undertake home improvements that carry multiple benefits. A retractable awning is a multi-functional upgrade for your yard or patio. It delivers an aesthetic appeal and offers enhanced functionality. There is a range of diverse varieties of retractable awnings, in different patterns and styles, that you can explore at Sydney Awnings. Pick your preference and transform your backyard into an enviable hangout in all kinds of weather. Here are a few advantages of installing this type of shade:

Improves Curb Appeal

Awnings are eye-catching and add personality to the area. They are used for shops and houses to make the property look more inviting and for their charming appeal. With different materials and designs to pick from, you can easily find one that fits the aesthetic and complement the outdoor décor. Additionally, this will appeal to homeowners who wish to host social events outdoors or even spend personal time in the yard.

Protection from the Sun

Spending time outside should be refreshing and healthy. However, the season of summer brings days when the sun is unbearable. Apart from being uncomfortable, prolonged exposure is harmful. UV radiation is a proven cause of severe sunburn and skin cancer to sun-exposed areas of skin. The damage is subtle, but you can observe the harmful impact of UV rays on uncovered outdoor furniture and flooring.

There is a dramatic difference between protected items and the ones exposed to the sun. Install a retractable awning to ensure protection from the sun. It will prove to provide a better outdoor experience as you will no longer be facing the scorching sun. The shade is also effective in keeping outdoor furniture and flooring covered. Retractable awnings will protect you from damaging UV rays and extend the life of your exterior décor.

Lowers Cooling Cost

The awning is a budget-friendly and efficient method to reduce energy costs. Installing a shade on the exterior windows will reduce the heat transferred into your home without sacrificing the view. Hence, they lessen the burden on your air conditioners and deliver significant savings on cooling bills. Furthermore, the lower energy consumption means that awnings also help reduce your carbon footprint.

Ease of Use and Flexibility

The adaptable nature of retractable awnings proves to be their main unique selling point. You can operate the shade with ease by simply extending or retracting it as per your needs. You can fully extend it at noon and keep it folded in the morning. It offers you a personalized option and more control over how much natural light enters your home. One can be effortlessly manipulated throughout the day accordingly.

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