3 Factors To Consider When Building A Garden room

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Considering a garden room? Here are some factors you need to take into account.

1. Planning Permission

Although most house renovations and projects are permitted (as long as certain conditions and limits are met), there are instances when you are required to seek permission from the relevant body. Check with the Local Planning Authority to confirm this. Most legal developments were scraped off under the Article 4 directions, another reason you want to check with the local authority, just to be sure. You may also need several other permissions, especially if you live in a designated area or your house is listed.

You may also not require the services of an architect, especially if all you need is a sunroom, garden room, or an orangery, among other simple extensions.

Plan everything from start to finish: Whatever your plans are, you need to ensure everything is well catered for, from design to flow. Your only concern should be how the overall design will affect your home’s overall design. The first step here is to plan how you intend to use the space to produce the desired results.

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The window layout, for example, might have to be at a higher elevation than normal, against the kitchen worktops. The team at https://www.quick-garden.co.uk/ will also advise and even help you choose the best windows and other elements needed for the frame extension. They will also recommend approved suppliers for the various items and supplies needed to complete the project.

2. Bifold Or Sliding Doors

What kind of doors do you prefer for your greenroom? While each type has its advantages and disadvantages, it would be advisable to base your decision on how you wish to use the room/space. Sliding doors, for example, offer a wider view no matter the time of the year, which is unlike bi-folds. Operating sliding doors is relatively easy too, a simple nudge, and it slides wide open.

This is because its entire weight rests on the track, hence no need to worry about the door’s weight. Sliding doors also open fully without taking any space, easily allowing the outside in. Bi-folds too provide an excellent view of the outdoors when wide open. They also allow lots of light even when closed, thanks to the full-width and height glazing.

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3. Maximize Natural Light

There are dozens of reasons why you would want to allow natural light in the greenroom. For starters, natural light is essential in boosting various functions of the body, leaving you healthier and happier. Secondly, the natural light shines beautifully on the oak frame, bringing its charm out. That said, you can choose to play with several options to ensure there is as much natural light inside as possible. You can either choose to use glass on the frame’s face, also known as face glazing, or use a roof lantern, if on a tight budget.

Our specialists will help ensure the face glazing is as energy efficient as possible and easy to clean as well. Our designers will also strive to ensure everything is attended to in detail and with utmost care and attention for the best results. Proper planning and working with a qualified team is the first step to actualizing your dream.


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