7 Reasons Why Painting Your Stucco Is A Perfect Idea

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Heather Jones
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Stucco is one of the efficient exterior finishing for your house. This material works well for people living in dry areas. The material does not only make your home appealing but also requires low maintenance. This means that you will not spend your hard-earned dollars to fix it annually.

However, like other materials, stucco will fade and lose its attractive color. This aspect may make your house look old and unattractive. Certainly, no one would love such a scenario. You always want your home to be a center of attraction at any moment. 

The good news is that you can give your stucco a new touch by painting it. But is it a good idea? Here are some powerful reasons why painting your stucco-finished walls is a perfect idea.  

Acts as a moisture sealer

Stucco is a good moisture absorber. The material will absorb any water that flows over or near it. Being an exterior surface, this aspect can be a bad idea. For instance, your wall will absorb the rainwater. This will change the stucco’s color to a dark one until the wall dries up. Such an aspect makes your walls to be dull or suffer water-related damages.

 You can change this experience by painting your stucco. The paint makes the stucco waterproof. It blocks any moisture from accessing the stucco surface. 

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By blocking water from getting to the stucco, your walls will have the same color throughout the season. You will not have dull or dark walls during the rainy season. So, you will have an attractive house across the year.

It will help your seal hairline cracks

Do your stucco surfaces have some cracks? Over time, your stucco can develop some cracks due to wear and tear. If not fixed, the cracks can develop into a big problem requiring massive resources to handle. You do not want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on repair costs. 

One way to keep the stucco maintenance cost in check is by painting it. Some paints have a film content that seals hairline cracks. When you work with professional stucco painters Calgary, they will help you use hairline crack sealers before applying the paint. This way, you will enhance your walls and strengthen them. 

A good way to cover stains

Though stucco is not prone to rust, it can be a victim of materials. Your house has structures and elements such as nails and window frames that can rust. When this happens, the stains will run down the stucco. The result will be some orange or yellowish stains appearing on your stucco.

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Such stains make your stucco surface unappealing. By applying paint on stucco, you will cover the stains. Choose a robust paint that will prevent the reoccurrence of these stains. Importantly, you can consider working with professional stucco painters for this task.  

Adds a refreshment to your curb

Fading is a regular thing. Your structure will lose its color after some time. The stucco surfaces are no different. After some time, they will fade and become dull. The best way to give your house exterior a new look is by repainting it. Painting your stucco will be a refreshment to your curb. You will add a new look to the surface and attract buyers. 

Helps to block UV rays

UV rays are damaging elements. They will not only affect your skin but also will hurt your structure building. The stucco structure is not a preservative to the UV rays. It will suffer significant damages and cause masonry cracks. 

When the cracks occur, it will hurt the durability of your exterior surface. The result of the UV rays will be substantial repair costs. Fortunately, you can avoid these costs by applying paint to your stucco. The paint will deflect the UV rays and hinder them from accessing the stucco surface. This way, you will enhance the structure’s durability and lower the repair costs.

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Offers color flexibility

The desire of a homeowner is to have a personalized home. You want a home that matches your values, tastes, and preferences. One way to realize this objective is by choosing your favorite colors. 

Unlike other surfaces, the stucco structures allow you to paint it with your preferred colors. You can choose to align it with your desired surrounding landscape hues or the color that inspires you. So, whether you want a dark, bold, bright, or gold, stucco will serve your choice perfectly.

It creates a lasting first impression

 Are you missing a wow moment from your friends and families? No one can give you such a moment if your home is not attractive. People will not have time to stare at your house if it lacks some statement-making elements. 

A faded stucco exterior will be an excellent way to lose the wowing from your home visitors. But you can change this aspect by painting it. Applying a coat of paint on your stucco surface will transform it into a point of attraction. 

A well-painted stucco exterior gives your home a long-lasting first impression. People coming to your home will always congratulate you for having a beautiful home. So, if you want to make your home the icon of your estate, painting your stucco with a color of preference is the answer. 

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Wrapping up

As you can see, stucco finishing is a good idea for your exterior surface. It will lower your maintenance costs. You will not require regular repairs. With low repair costs, you will save some money for other projects in your home.    

However, this is not a simple process. Stucco is prone to water damages and cracking. These occurrences will make your repair costs go up. The good thing is that you can save such resources by simply painting your stucco. Paint acts as a hairline crack sealer, waterproof, and UV ray resistant. 

As such, you can transform the look of your stucco surface by applying paint. So, painting is a good idea if you want to have a durable and appealing stucco exterior.   

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