5 Weight Loss Tips for New Moms

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Being a new mom is exciting and rewarding, but the stress of caring for a newborn — not to mention the hormonal changes that come with having a baby — can make losing weight a challenge. These five weight-loss tips for new moms will make dropping those extra pounds a little more doable.

1. Change Your Mindset

For many of us, pregnancy is a time when it’s okay to satisfy our cravings. While you should still indulge in the occasional high-calorie treat, keep in mind that you’re no longer eating for two (or more). Reward yourself for losing weight by shopping from home for flattering clothes, like pretty plus size maxi dresses sold online. A new outfit will help you feel confident and optimistic about your weight-loss plan without breaking the bank.

2. Get as Much Sleep as Possible

We know this advice can be challenging for new moms, but lack of sleep kicks the wrong hormones into gear, contributing to weight gain. Letting a few household chores slide so you can sneak in a nap is one of the very few ways new moms can get any sleep. Since your little one is your first priority, sleeping while he or she does lets you lessen your sleep deprivation. A baby monitor alleviates concerns about not hearing your infant cry.

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3. Keep a Food Journal

Writing down everything you eat is an excellent way for anyone to track calories. But listing meals and snacks also helps you identify times or events that trigger cravings or stress-eating. If you notice that you’re likelier to raid the fridge during specific times in the day, try to figure out what’s creating the urge to head to the kitchen. A change in your routine may do the trick, so switch up your schedule and see if the urge to snack disappears or becomes less urgent.

4. Take Small Steps

Don’t pressure yourself to lose all your baby weight right off the bat. You have many responsibilities, and adding too much at once could sabotage your weight-loss efforts. Focus instead on forming these lifelong habits:

  • Use a smaller plate to learn portion control.
  • Always have a glass or bottle of water nearby.
  • Make a list of healthy junk-food alternatives to keep on hand.

Focusing on forming weight loss-friendly habits will help you gain perspective. Knowing you’re setting yourself up for lifetime success makes it easier to transition away from a crash-diet mindset.

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5. Start Exercising

If the baby is keeping you up all night, adding exercise to your daily regimen may seem a little overwhelming. But you don’t have to train for a marathon or hire a personal trainer to shed the baby weight. In the same way that a drastic change in your diet can be overwhelming, diving into a strenuous workout schedule could prove discouraging. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to exercise for an hour every day, start small. Squeeze in bursts of physical activity where you can burn calories without adding unneeded stress.

Getting rid of pregnancy weight can be a slow process. A little patience and a set of new habits will help you melt off those pounds without added stress. Take your time, and be sure to reward yourself for small victories. Getting back into shape is wonderful, of course, but so is knowing you’ve established a set of healthy, figure-friendly new diet and exercise habits.

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