7 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get Quality Leads

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As with any business, generating real estate leads is how realtors survive. Producing quality leads is a critical recurring activity. While you can keep yourself busy visiting and posting new listings, your pipeline will dry up if you don’t generate leads consistently.  

So, to help you succeed as a realtor, here are seven ways to generate quality leads:  

1. Leverage Direct Mail Marketing

In the modern digital landscape, most realtors are under the impression that direct mail marketing is no longer a viable option. The truth is print is very much alive, and it’s currently making a strong comeback over the past few years. 

Direct mail marketing is still an effective marketing strategy for real estate agencies everywhere, specifically in the US. It allows you to create a direct connection to prospects in local geographies. With a real estate postcard, you give your clients a tangible resource to look over.  

Also, thanks to digital innovation and tools incorporated with direct mail marketing, it’s easy to deploy drip campaigns with your real estate mailing lists and nurture prospects over long periods.    

2. Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media is an indispensable component of any marketing strategy. In particular, some of the most valuable platforms you should focus on include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.  

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LinkedIn is an obvious choice since it’s geared more towards professional networking. It allows you to establish yourself as an authority and trustworthy realtor in your locality and niche. 

On the other hand, Instagram allows you to showcase home and property listings, attracting lots of awareness and traffic. A beautiful visual with short, simple posts enable you to stay relevant and active in the life of your prospects.  

Lastly, Facebook is the ultimate social advertising platform. With Facebook, you can create targeted ads that help increase your lead generation efforts. It offers tons of customization options and ensures that your ads reach the right people. Not only that, but Facebook Ads also provides robust analytics, allowing you to determine the ROI and performance of your efforts.  

3. Use The Power Of Customer Feedbacks And Testimonials

A great way to establish your reputation and gain more quality leads is to let your work speak for itself. You can do this by collecting reviews and testimonials from your clients. Then, you can share it on your website or social media accounts. 

You can encourage clients to leave reviews on your business listings, such as Google and other major real estate review platforms. Some of these sites include Realtor.com, Zillow, and Trulia. 

In addition, you can set up a referral program for your existing clients to become your brand ambassadors. They can help spread the word about your services so you may gain more quality leads. And in return, you may reward them with various perks, including discounts or coupons to partner businesses. It’s a win-win situation.  

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4. Try Video Marketing

According to a statistic, over 80% of homebuyers prefer looking at videos to research a particular community. Also, about 85% prefer realtors who use video to showcase home listings and as part of their marketing strategy. In addition, real estate listings that feature videos are said to receive over 400% more inquiries than those without videos.   

These are only a few statistics that showcase how video marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can attract prospects and leads. 

There are several ways you can use video in your marketing strategy. Some topics you may want to consider include: 

  • Listing videos
  • Client interviews or a collection of client testimonials and reviews
  • Agent profiles
  • Q&A live streams with experts
  • Local community events
  • Yearly reviews
  • General information and how-to real estate videos

Bear in mind that the most important type of video you want is the listing video. After all, this is what leads look for when choosing a potential property or home. Listing videos can showcase the best sides of your property listings inside and out and provide your audience with a brief virtual tour of a particular property.  

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Nonetheless, when thinking of video marketing, you don’t always need to invest in professional equipment. Most smartphones today feature powerful cameras suitable for producing decent videos. You can also use still photography combined with quality voice-over narration. Furthermore, various video editing software are available online that may help you create an informative and immersive video experience to capture your prospects’ interest.  

Real Estate Agents

5. Create Partnerships

Networking with other relevant local businesses is another great way to boost your reach. It allows you to create mutually beneficial partnerships that can help you gain more quality leads. You may refer them to your clients as they do the same for you. Some of the industries where you can form productive partnerships may include:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Personal bankers and commercial lenders
  • Service businesses like landscapers, plumbers, and cleaning services
  • Title companies
  • Staging experts

6. Participate In Local Community Events

Community service allows you to establish a local presence while networking with local experts and businesses.  

Showing up to your community’s events is a great way to attract attention to your real estate business. By being involved in your community, you can help create a positive reputation for your brand.  

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There are several ways to go at this, including:

  • Help organize or volunteer at charity events
  • Sponsor local events such as school concerts or park fairs.
  • Host a podcast
  • Give presentations on relevant real estate topics

7. Write High-Quality Content

In this world of digital marketing, content is king. Not only does it help you establish authority, but it also increases your search result visibility.  

But not any content is enough. You need to write quality content – one that brings substance and value to your audience. Only by writing high-quality content that can convert people to customers can you increase your web traffic and potential leads.  

The best way to do this is by researching hot topics and most-asked questions. You can ask existing clients about their experiences, concerns, and questions. Then, create informative and helpful content that will answer or provide solutions for these problems.  

Take Away

Having a filled pipeline of quality leads is critical to your success as a real estate agent. It’s never easy, especially for newbie Realtors. But whether you’re a seasoned Realtor or just starting your career in real estate, we hope that the above strategies can help you find potential leads for your business.

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