What Customers Want and What You Should Look for in Real Estate Agents

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When it comes to recruiting real estate agents, your brokerage probably has a list of must-haves of a good candidate. However, you may also want to look at what customers actually want when looking for a new recruit. Real estate agent hunters often fall into the trap of looking inward, considering solely what the brokerage wants, instead of what customers need.

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This is definitely less than ideal. After all, real estate agents will be interfacing with customers who will be the ultimate judges of whether the agent is effective or otherwise. To help streamline your list of qualifications for your recruits, here are a few things that customers look for in an agent. If these already overlap with your existing criteria, then great! If not, consider adding these to your list.

Possesses Local Knowledge

Trusted real estate recruitment experts like the people behind Getbrokerkit recommend getting real estate agents with ample knowledge about the local neighborhood. Indeed, it’s best that you hire people with proper understanding of local rules and regulations, property values, and potential opportunities. Ideally, a real estate agent should also know where all the important establishments are. This way, they can better help a customer in finding the most suitable properties for their needs.

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If you really like a candidate but they aren’t as knowledgeable about the area, you can do two things. You can ask them to familiarize themselves with their new neighborhood within a specified period or assign them to a locale they know. However, be a little more careful of the second option. Manage your personnel accordingly so that you don’t end up over-servicing an area.

Has Communication and Listening Skills

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the property is or how ideal the location. If the real estate agent isn’t an expert communicator, it won’t be sold. Clients also want an agent who is proactive, someone who doesn’t need to be “chased” to deliver updates. Make sure that your candidates are willing to keep in regular contact with clients and have the necessary communication skills. 

Of course, communication is a two-way street. Thus, you should put emphasis on a real estate agent’s ability to listen. Whether the customer is looking to buy or sell a property, the agent should take note of their needs and make the appropriate actions. Remember that someone can be a “sweet talker” but not a good listener. You want to recruit a real estate agent that can be both.

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Can Skillfully Negotiate

Negotiation skills are necessary in an industry like real estate. Agents must be able to deal with so-called low-ballers, staying polite but firm about the value of a property. They shouldn’t be easily pressured, especially since there are some tenacious clients who can get pushy about getting lower prices. The bottom line is that whether their client is buying or selling, a good and effective real estate agent must be able to negotiate the right price. More importantly, they should ensure that both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Works with Passion and Persistence

No matter the industry, passion is an important part of a person’s successful career. For real estate agents, passion is an important component in helping people find new homes or letting go of a beloved property. What’s more, passion and enthusiasm push a real estate agent into ensuring the satisfaction of each and every client without thinking about the value of the sale.

Along with passion, persistence is also an important trait. A real estate agent should be able to “follow through,” so to speak. They don’t wait, but rather keep all of their appointments on track. They always initiate contact and are also flexible when it comes to scheduling. Of course, an effective real estate agent also knows the difference between being persistent and being pushy.

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Has Architectural and Design Knowledge

Familiarity with architectural and design elements can help real estate agents make better recommendations to their clients. At the same time, they can also help estimate a property’s value. Sometimes, there are sellers who don’t have an idea of how much their property costs. With a good real estate agent who is knowledgeable about architecture and design, clients will be more confident that they’re getting their money’s worth.

Upholds Integrity

Two of the most important traits that a real estate agent must possess are integrity and honesty. Indeed, nobody likes working with unethical and dishonest agents. Buying and selling real estate involves a lot of money. Clients want to know if they’re selling their properties at the right price, or what home they can buy with their budget. Thus, clients are looking for agents who can be upfront with them.

Integrity and honesty are also important in cultivating a lasting relationship. Reputation matters and real estate agents who are known to be virtuous and trustworthy will receive more positive testimonies from clients. With integrity and honesty, real estate agents will find it easier to build a solid client base. These clients can then make referrals by word of mouth, which is a powerful marketing tool that can further help expand clientele.

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As you can see, some of these qualifications are rather “basic.” However, there are times when these can be overlooked in favor of more technical criteria such as sales figures. These are also important, obviously. However, you should also definitely consider a customer’s point of view. They want an agent who will be able to take care of them, and the above-mentioned are just some of the traits you should be looking for.

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