How To Choose Between  Automatic or Manual Sanitary Bins 

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If you’re an employer then you probably offer your staff washroom facilities. As part of this, you’ll need to supply sanitary bins. This ensures the waste is going to the right places and treated properly.

However, once you start looking at sanitary bins you’ll realize it is more complicated than you may have thought. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether to choose automatic or manual sanitary bins. 

The Difference Between Automatic and Manual

If you speak to any reputable supplier of sanitary bins Sydney you’ll be offered both options. A manual sanitary bin is opened and closed by hand, the automatic can be used without having to touch it. This means you will have a foot lever to open the bin, or in the more advanced options, you may have a sensor that detects your hand near the bin. 

The bins themselves generally look the same and offer the same level of protection from waste. Of course, each bin should be lined to make waste removal simple and safe. But, in general, the sanitary bin company will empty the bins for you.

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How To Choose Between the Two

There are several factors you should consider when choosing between automatic and manual sanitary bins.


The most obvious concern and decider is the cost of the bin. Automatic bins are more expensive as they have more moving parts and potentially sensors. This means they are more complicated and potentially more prone to issues. 

Your budget needs to stretch to the additional cost of buying or renting the automatic sanitary bills as well as maintaining them. 


Sanitary bins tend to be small. This makes them more discreet but does mean waste can be missed. This is especially true when the bin is automatic and foot-operated. That means waste can be dropped from a height and this increases the likelihood of missing or making a mess. It’s unlikely that it will be picked up straight away, leaving your washroom looking dirty and needing extra cleans.

Of course, it’s impossible to say how your staff will behave. But, the best general approach is to choose larger bins if you are going with the automatic option 

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It stands to reason that an automatic bin will be better for hygiene as no one has to touch it. This reduces the chance of bacteria being spread between people. Automatic sanitary bins are effectively better for your staff. However, if you have a delicate production environment the automatic bin is likely to be deemed essential. This will help to avoid contamination on the production line. 

The Bottom Line

Automatic sanitary bins are generally the better option. However, providing the sanitary bins are used properly and well maintained, either is a viable option for your workplace. You simply need to get a couple of quotes and decide what will suit your staff and their working environment best.

It can help to talk to them first!

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