How to Spruce your Interior Décor Using Unique Terrarium Tables

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Heather Jones
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Coffee tables are standard pieces of furniture in most homes. Their primary use involves holing magazines, TV remotes, coffee and more. However, this simple piece of furniture can transform the look of your home, define your taste and impact your décor and ambience. If you’re seeking ways to enhance your decor, terrarium tables will do the trick. They incorporate attractive succulents to create that fresh feeling in your home.

Here’s how enhance your decor using terrarium tables:

1. Choose fleshy succulents

 If you love flowers or succulents in your living space, such a unique coffee table will make perfect choices. They are stylish and functional and allow you to build a garden underneath to create a stunning display of flowers. What’s more, there are different types of succulents to go for, and all will accentuate the look of your table and home. Choose fleshy yet attractive succulent plants like cactus, jade, panda and others that will create a focal point in your home.

2. Think quality!

 Before you begin choosing the right table for your needs, think of its quality. Whether you want it ornamental, modern or stylish, you can only make a statement by choosing high-quality materials. You can go for wooden or glass tables, but quality matters a lot. Tables made of superior grade materials look stylish and are long-lasting.

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Which material should I choose? Glass tables are unique coffee table ideas for tiny spaces or rooms. They create the illusion of a bigger and airy space. Also, they create that modern look in outdated homes. Similarly, wooden coffee tables are timeless furniture pieces. They are durable and require minimal maintenance. You’ll get wooden tables in different wood types like oak, pine, walnut, mahogany and more.

Unique Terrarium Tables

3. Don’t make mistakes with sizes!

 You’ll get coffee tables in different sizes. Find the perfect size and match for your room, but still consider its functionality. Some people fancy medium-sized tables, while others go for large prices for enhanced visual impact. 

Nonetheless, it’s best to maximize your floor space by choosing the right table size. As a rule of thumb, leave about two inches on each side of the table. Also, your table shouldn’t exceed 60% of your sofa’s length. The height, it’s dependent on the use, but most modern coffee tables are low.

4. The shape matters

 Not all table shapes will fit in your room. To create that striking look, chose unique furniture in the most suitable shape. For instance, rectangular coffee tables are popular and can fit both small and big rooms. However, they make a significant impact in bigger rooms requiring a large centerpiece.

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Square tables also make great choices for big rooms. However, they can overpower smaller spaces and should be chosen carefully. If going for a square table, determine your floor space and choose one that won’t overwhelm your space. Similarly, avoid round coffee tables if you have limited space. They take up much more space than other table shapes.

Unique Terrarium Tables

Final thoughts

 Terrarium tables are great additions to your home décor. Choose modern pieces with lovely succulents beneath. They will improve the air quality and enhance the look of your home and interior décor. 

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