11 Clever Ideas To Store Old Furniture

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Do you have old furniture that is just taking up space in your home? Are you currently in the process of moving to a new home, or are you just cleaning out your old house? If so, then you know that some items need to be stored. The problem is, where?

Your old furniture is always nice to have around. You can paint it, redo the fabric or reupholster it for a modern look that you will love. However, sometimes your old items are just too worn out to go through a restoration process. Don’t toss those pieces in the garbage yet! There are many ways to store old furniture until you’re ready to use them again.

Here are 11 clever ideas to store old furniture:

1. Use Shipping Container For Excess Furniture

You can store your old furniture in a shipping container. You may have already seen this method used when moving to another location, but it is also very effective for storing unneeded pieces of furniture until you need them again.

If you are moving, a shipping container is a perfect place to store your furniture while traveling. It doesn’t cost much more than traditional storage units but gives you an extra level of protection against damage and theft.

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You can also use this method if you’re not transporting your old furniture very far. Just rent or buy a large enough unit for all of your items, load them up, and keep them inside until they are needed again!

2. Store Under The Bed

If space is an issue, try sliding old chairs and sofas underneath the bed. Bedrooms are usually large enough that you will not notice extra seating taking up valuable floor room! If possible, stack smaller items on top of one another to save even more space while keeping everything together within reach if needed later.

3. Use Dresser Drawers

Another great way to store furniture without having too much-wasted wasted space around each piece is by putting them inside dresser drawers. Of course, you will need to make sure that the dresser is empty before doing this! If not, remove any items from inside and then place  your furniture instead.

4. Use Closet Shelving

For larger pieces of furniture such as armoires or entertainment units that are too bulky for under-the-bed storage, try using closet shelving in a spare bedroom or bathroom if available. This method works especially well with entertainment centers since they often have open spaces between drawers so air can flow through while still keeping everything in one piece until it’s needed again.

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5. Push Furniture Against The Wall

You can also push old chairs or other similar furniture against the wall next to a couch or table. This does not only save space, but also gives the room a more cohesive look by seamlessly connecting all of your furniture in one continuous line from floor to ceiling!

6. Stack Vertically

If you have a ton of old furniture to store for an extended period, stack your items vertically. It is much more space-efficient because it allows each piece to take up less length and width in the storage area. It also provides enough room for some of the other things you might want to keep for future use. 

7. Hang On Wall Using Hooks

For lighter pieces such as chairs or small stools, try hanging them on hooks attached to a wall instead of stacking them somewhere else. You can purchase heavy-duty ceiling hooks at any hardware store then simply screw them into the studs in your walls, so that they are ready for use whenever you need them.

8. Use Under Stair Spaces

Another way of storing furniture is by using overlooked spaces in your home like the space under your staircase.  You can use it as a place for your old cabinets and utilize it as storage for books, game boards, and everyday knickknacks that you don’t want sitting out on tables and desks all the time. You can also set your old couches under the stairs and turn them into a comfortable reading nook for your kids. 

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9. Use Loft Spaces

Just like the under the stairs idea mentioned above, you can also use those hard-to-reach spaces under your roof for storage! You can even leave some areas empty if desired. Therefore, it makes everything look less cluttered without too much furniture or boxes taking up the much-needed room you need in your house. Place other objects in the loft along with any old chairs or sofas stacked underneath one another. 

Ensure they’re leaning against the wall properly before filling in anything else behind them since this area is hard to reach, and it’s easy for these pieces of furniture to fall if not attached securely.

10. Create An Outdoor Shed With Storage Space

If you can’t fit your old furniture in a spare bedroom, bathroom, or closet, why not try storing it outside instead? You can design an outdoor shed with specific areas for each piece of furniture. 

You can only stack large items like chairs and sofas on top of each other if they are securely held together by a rope or other material wrapped around them tightly at various points along their length! In any case, since this area is easily accessible from both sides, just let them sit side-by-side upright and close the door afterward to keep them safe from harmful elements.

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11. Use Other Spaces

In addition to the previous idea, you can use other spaces around your home, such as behind doors where walls meet doorframes, near ceiling corners or beams inside rooms, and so on. Any out-of-reach space should be utilized in any way possible, whether by leaning larger items against a wall or stacking smaller items on top of larger ones, filling up all open areas while leaving some empty.


Consider storing old furniture instead of throwing them away, especially if you lack the required space for them. Using these clever ideas will give your home an organized appearance while keeping everything neatly out of sight when not needed!

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