8 Smart Home Features for the Modern Family

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Heather Jones
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Technology has given us many advantages, and when it comes to owning a home, there are many smart home devices that can help to make your life easier. Most new development homes from Roanoke, Virginia, to Rhode Island, now come equipped with a customized smart home system that includes security and eco-friendly features for homeowners to enjoy. 

Smart home devices are innovative pieces of technology that help you to coordinate all the systems in your home. From smart plugs that turn off devices when they aren’t being used to help you save on your energy bills to smart security devices that keep your family safe, there are many options that your whole family will love.

Whether you are home or at the office, smart devices allow you to take control of your home. Talk to a locksmith in Roanoke Virginia, about how you can get a new smart doorbell installed at your home. Let’s take a look at a few of the smart home features available for modern family’s.

Smart Water Heater

With a Smart Water Heater, you will never have to worry about common issues like water temperature or leaks. You can connect your water heater directly to your PC or other smart devices and have the power to control your water temperature from anywhere. You can set your Smart Water Heater on a schedule to heat up your water for your morning shower or an evening bath. Being able to control your hot water temperature by customizing your own schedule can help you to reduce your energy usage.

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Smart Lighting

The days of plug-in light timers are over when you install a Smart Lighting system in your home. You can control all of your home’s lights by simple voice or digital commands. Turn off lighting in the areas of your home that you aren’t using, or control your lights when you aren’t home to add an extra layer of security. You can set up an automated lighting schedule to keep lights on when you aren’t home or turn them off when they are not needed, helping your home to run more efficiently.

Smart Appliances

Adding some innovative technology to your kitchen can make cooking and prepping meals a dream. A Smart Fridge can allow you to connect via Wifi and see what is on your shelves, helping you to make your shopping list on your way home from work. A Smart Fridge will also keep track of expiry dates and alert you when it’s time to update your perishable goods. 

Cooking appliances like an Alexa-connected Instapot can be connected to any smart device and allow you to monitor your cooking progress and alert you when your meal is ready. A Smart Oven includes an interior camera that gives you a view of your meal as it is cooking, so you will never burn another casserole.

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Smart Thermostat

Installing a Smart Thermostat can help you greatly reduce your energy usage and shrink your carbon footprint. A Smart Thermostat can intuitively learn your routine and program your furnace to turn on only when needed. You can connect to your Smart Thermostat through your smartphone and control your heating and cooling from anywhere. You can set a schedule based on your daily routine to heat and cool your home only when needed keeping your energy bills to a minimum. The Smart Thermostat system is great for unexpected emergencies. For example, if your kids are let out early from school, you can remotely turn up the heat so your home will be warm and ready for their arrival. 

Smart Home Security

Homes without security systems are more than 300% likely to experience a home invasion. To protect your home and family, adding Smart Home Security Cameras is a wise choice. These unique cameras take footage that can be viewed in real-time or stored in the Cloud to be reviewed later. You can check out what is going on in or outside of your home at any time of the day or night with the remote internet connection to your Smart cameras. Many Smart Cameras also have a night vision feature that gives you clear footage even when it’s dark outside. 

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Another layer of security can be added to your home by installing Smart Locks. These modern versions of the traditional home locking systems can be programmed easily with passwords for the whole family. You can unlock or lock your doors from anywhere with your Wifi connection.

Smart Plugs

Turning off your lights in rooms that you aren’t using is one way to save a bit of money on your energy bills. However, with Smart Plugs, you can go further toward home automation and reduce your energy consumption by large margins. Smart Plugs are innovative inserts that are placed between your appliances or electronics and the wall power point plug. They are able to intelligently monitor your energy usage at that plug point and can turn off power to your devices when they aren’t in use. You can also monitor your usage through your Wifi connection to your smartphone and get alerts about any faulty appliances.

Smart Speakers

Smart speaker systems like Alexa are a great addition to any modern home. You can program your favorite music to be played anywhere throughout your home with just a touch of an icon on your smartphone or tablet. You can also take advantage of the unlimited inquiries where with voice command, you can ask your speakers any Google-type question and get answers in just seconds. 

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Smart Vacuums

With the busy lifestyles that most families have in our modern world, it’s tough to find time to vacuum. Smart Vacuums are unique automated appliances that can be programmed to clean your home, even when you aren’t there. Your Smart vacuum can clean up messes, suck up pet hair and dust as it follows its automated pattern around your home. 

Installing Smart Home features in your home can help you to save time, money and reduce your energy consumption. Try adding some of these Smart Home features, including home security options,  a Smart Water Heater that will always keep your shower at the perfect temperature, and Smart Lighting that will keep your home bright when you are home or away. The perfect modern family home should include Smart Home features that can help you to protect your family, use energy efficiently, and give you peace of mind. 

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