5 Tips to Make Your House Difficult To Rob

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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1. Use Motion-activated Lights Both Indoors And Out

Switch to motion-sensing light bulbs or attach a motion detection adapter between a standard bulb and socket to turn ordinary lights into motion sensor lights. They’ll shine a spotlight on anybody checking out your property outside, and the increased exposure may be enough to deter would-be burglars. Indoor versions will make it more difficult for them to move about unnoticed if they do venture inside.

Criminals such as vandals, robbers, and other thieves dislike being in the limelight. With enough outside illumination, you can keep the bad guys at bay. Lights should be placed in your front and back yards, along walkways, near garages, and other outside buildings. 

You’ll not only frighten burglars, but you’ll also decrease your chances of stumbling on your way up the front steps.

2. Invest in a Guard Dog

When it comes to burglar proofing your house, a big dog with a loud bark is a fantastic deterrent. Any would-be thief would think twice before approaching your home because of this. A barking dog functions similarly to an alarm system, except it is more sensitive and may result in harm. This is a significant advantage for thieves who don’t want to attract attention or get hurt.

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If you have a dog, make sure your property has at least one ‘Beware of Dog’ sign. This will protect you legally if your dog injures someone. Put up the signs even if you don’t have a guard dog. They may deter a would-be burglar just by viewing the notice.

3. Don’t Overlook The Garage

Criminals are increasingly using this entrance point to get access to your house. Even if they can’t get into your home, there’s a high possibility you have lots of valuables in the garage. Make it a habit to secure all garage doors from the inside as well as the outside.

You may want to keep your garage door opener in the home as well. That way, a thief won’t be able to take it from your vehicle. Also, if you use a security code to access the garage, keep it hidden and never give it out to delivery people, neighbors, or anyone else.

Here are a few more easy ways to keep your garage secure

  • Invest in a smart garage door opener to replace your outdated one
  • To keep the goods inside, cover the windows
  • Incorporate extra locks to secure garage doors
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4. Use Caution While Hiding A Key

Leaving a key in a predictable location, such as beneath the mat or in a flower pot near the entrance, makes your key more opportunistic thieves’ lives much more accessible. Instead, provide an additional key to a trustworthy neighbor, locate rotating and surprising hiding spots, or purchase and conceal a cheap combination lock-box.  Being a bit more cautious doesn’t cost anything.

By doing so, you can get a similar key made again if a copy lies with a trusted person. Professionals at CLK Supplies and other such companies ensure making one for you if you lose it.

5. Secure the Entrances

The entrance points — the doors and windows – are the weak spots of every house. In the United States, 34 percent of burglaries occur via the front entrance, 22 percent through the rear door, and 23 percent through a first-floor window. That implies that 79 percent of thieves enter via a first-floor entrance or window.

To burglar-proof your house, you’ll need to do a few things to ensure that these access points are as secure as possible.

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The front doors are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear; therefore, upgrading to a smart and sturdy door is necessary to safeguard your house. Solid wood is always the best choice for a front door since it is much more durable than fiberglass. 

Metal and steel doors are popular because of their strength and durability, and you can stain both fiberglass and steel doors to give them a captivating wood appearance.

Use Heavy-duty door hardware with a minimum length of 3 inches. The lock strike is included in this. For each of your doors, you should also have a high-quality knob-in-lock set with a dead-latch mechanism.

Locking Up

Determine which tactics are most essential to you, then create a strategy to implement the other measures later. The best approach to keep your house and loved ones secure is to be aware of potential security threats and take action as soon as possible.

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