What do plumbers use to clean drains?

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Cleaning drains effectively calls for a calculated mix of industry expertise, equipment, and skills. When you reach out to an established plumber Sydney, the professionals would choose the right tools from their arsenal. Of course, you would be collaborating with a licensed plumber. These professionals carry adequate knowledge to help you deal with clogged drains.

Often, grease, liquid fat, and oil deposits lead to blockages in your kitchen drains. Besides, you have sanitary wipes and other unwanted stuff clogging your washroom drains. Using acidic cleaners can damage porcelain parts, besides damaging your drain pipes. This explains why professional service providers come with alternative ways to clean drains.

Tools used by licensed plumbers for clearing clogs

Read on to know about three tools that licensed plumbers generally use to eliminate washroom and sink clogs.

  • Drain augers or snakes
  • Hydro-jetters
  • Video inspection equipment

Drain augers or snakes

Drain augers are effective cleaning tools that plumbers use for demolishing impediments in drain pipes. Motorized drain augers are also termed drain snakes. These tools come with a flexible and long metal coil, and work like a corkscrew. The plumbers insert the end of the auger into the drain. This end reaches the blockage, and then the motor is activated to force the coil end drill into the barrier. In the process, established plumbers can eliminate objects from the drain pipes by breaking them into pieces.

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Although you have manual augers, these tools are not as effective as the motorized ones.

Hydro jetters

These are sophisticated tools, that are powerful enough to dislodge any type of clog. Besides, the jetters ensure proper cleaning of the internal walls of the drains. In the process, the plumbers remove soap scum, grease, and deposits of minerals. This restores the natural functioning of the drains. 

Hydro jetters blast high-temperature jets of water under high pressure all along the interior areas of the drain pipes. Using such tools call for protective gear and special training, considering the danger that these water jets pose to the plumbers.

Video inspection equipment

Professional plumbers deploy miniature cameras, that they mount on fibre-optic cables of considerable length. Presently, most of the cleaning companies carry these sophisticated video cameras to capture images or footage of places that are difficult to reach. Particularly, they can locate blockages within drain pipes, once they have these images or videos. The process also saves a significant amount of time. Even the hard-to-detect clogs become easy to clean, given that the video cameras are tiny enough to get inside the pipes and capture the videos.

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 Hiring professionals for drain cleaning

In case you need professional support to help you unclog a blocked drain Sydney, you would be looking for affordable services. However, make sure that the experts carry these tools to ensure a fast and effective clean-up. It’s recommended not to use harsh chemicals or drain cleaners, so take care that the professionals deploy the right cleaning tactics. For removing small drain clogs, a drain auger would be the ideal tool. However, some blockages are stubborn, for which you would need a video camera and hydro-jetting tools. Partnering with the right service provider, you can get the clog removed seamlessly.

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