What Makes 360 VR Tours so Useful for Marketing?

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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360 tours of properties up for sale have become a surprisingly common thing, but they also stand out from most other real estate marketing tactics. But why are they so widespread, and what makes them great as a marketing method for real estate?


One of the bigger draws of these VR setups is that they are interactive, either through a full VR setup or nothing but a mobile phone. They allow somebody to explore a room in their own way, getting a good look at how everything is laid out without having to interpret floor plans or flat images.

Even this basic level of interaction can make the experience that much more memorable, and it is something that will stick in the minds of many customers. This little nudge in the right direction could be the thing that eventually gets them to officially buy the property, even if they do not initially seem interested.


VR allows somebody to take a tour of a location from the comfort of their own home, all without actually having to go anywhere. This added accessibility means that people who are not in the area can still attend digital showings, allowing them to become potential customers anyway.

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Thanks to this, you can sell properties in a much wider area and can even attract customers that might not be physically able to leave their homes for a while. Having VR as an option opens up more chances for customer showings without any of the scheduling issues or added costs.


Speaking of money, VR can be a cheaper alternative to showings in some cases. While you still need to display the house properly in a VR system, this can be a fairly affordable thing if you are selling multiple near-identical houses with the same layout – one program could work for multiple properties.

Even better, though, is the fact that showings are not physical. You do not need to hire an employee to stay in the house waiting for visitors, travel is not a consideration, and you would not need to pay any extra expenses involved in keeping the house empty for the showings if there are still owners living in it.


Finally, there is the fact that VR can be used as a direct marketing tool either way. It is obvious when you think about it: you are letting people see the property for themselves, in person, without actually having to spend much extra time and money setting anything up.

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This means that the tour can be used to show off the best parts of the property, nudge them into a potential purchase, and just generally use key sales tactics that would normally require a physical showing. Without the physical nature, it also becomes a lot more convenient for the potential buyers, so they are more likely to get involved.

360 VR real estate software and tools are easy to get hold of, and many companies offer their own take on the same idea. The 3D rendering company you choose all depends on what you need and what they can offer.

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