6 Common Don’ts to Avoid When Moving to a New City

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Moving to a new city or a new state can seem like an uphill task. The best way to make sure that it progresses smoothly is to work out every aspect of the project in detail with extensive planning and organization. Involve the entire family, and you’ll soon get things moving with the least stress. Even as you’re creating a checklist of what you need to do, avoid these six common don’ts that most folks overlook. Read ahead to understand them in detail.

Don’t Think You Can Handle the Move Without a Moving Company.

When you’re adding up the costs of the move, it’s understandable that you’ll want to save on the expense of hiring a professional moving company. Most people think they can handle the packaging and loading with the help of their family and friends. But packing involves a lot more than getting a bunch of boxes and the necessary materials from the nearest Home Depot

You’ll need the expertise to sort and organize the fragile, bulky, and heavy items and pack them in boxes with stuffing to ensure that they can be transported with minimum damage and breaks. Then again, couches and other heavy pieces of furniture have to be packed with moving blankets and wrapped in plastic. And they have to be loaded into the trucks. Think you can do that all on your own? 

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Don’t Pick Out a Moving Company Without the Proper Research.

Since you’ll entrust all your possessions to the movers and packers, do the proper research into the available options. Compare quotes and check for their experience along with the number of satisfied customers they have helped in the past. Also, look for local companies that can assist you with their knowledge of the city. For instance, if you hire San Diego movers, they’ll help you with information about the best times to move when traffic congestion is the least on the roads and freeways. Or, the best season to move is when weather conditions are just right, and you won’t get caught in an unexpected downpour. Also, ask your friends for recommendations.


Don’t Overlook Getting Appropriate Insurance. 

Not securing your possessions with adequate insurance is a critical mistake many homeowners make. Keep in mind that there is always the possibility of something going wrong, and having insurance will get you compensation so you can replace the damaged items. For starters, don’t rely on the standard homeowners’ insurance policy without checking the terms and conditions. Many carriers don’t offer coverage for belongings in transit. Your moving contract will likely include a bare-minimum coverage called released value protection. But, you can also choose to purchase a full value protection moving insurance from a third-party carrier after getting a rough estimate of the value of your belongings.

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Don’t Pack All Your Stuff Without Sorting. 

Most American homes are filled with tons of stuff that the families don’t really use. Packing up and bringing them with you to the new place will only add to the time and effort, not to mention the cost. A smarter idea is to get rid of all the unwanted, broken, and useless stuff in the months leading up to moving day. Create separate piles of the things that you can donate, upcycle, or share with friends. And get ruthless with the items that have reached the end of their life cycle and should be discarded. Being sentimental is good, but getting rid of clutter is even better.

Don’t Forget to Safeguard Valuables.

When planning the move, safeguarding your valuables and cherished possessions should be on top of your list of priorities. If you have any antiques, heirloom chinaware, jewelry, expensive artwork, or collectibles, pack them separately with foam beads, bubble wrap, and blankets to prevent breakage. You’ll also want to bring them with you when traveling instead of loading them onto the truck. 

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Also, safeguard important documents like family passports, identification, medical records, birth certificates, real estate title deeds, insurance forms, driver’s licenses, and bank paperwork. Collect and place into a separate folder and designate a responsible family member to hold on to it, so it is not lost in the chaos. Have the moving contract and other papers handy and ready to display when needed.

Don’t Forget to Get Licenses for Your Pets.

Most states have regulations for pets. Check with the local authorities and get your furry buds registered. Also, get their vaccination certificates updated. You risk incurring massive fines for non-compliance with the possibility of the animal getting confiscated. Contacting the community HOA for their rules about pets is another smart move.

Moving to a new city and getting settled involves dealing with tons of things. Overlooking important tasks is easy, so add these don’ts to your checklist, and the move is sure to progress without a snag.

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