Reducing Your Personal Waste When Moving to A New Home

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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You’re in the process of moving home. Somewhere beautiful and clean and clutter-free. But as you pack your bags and move your furniture, you discover… where did all this stuff come from? It’s spilling out of your cupboards; the house is bursting at the seams with furnishing you don’t remember buying. It’s a nightmare. Especially because you don’t want to create a mess in your new home before you’ve even moved in. Is there anything that can be done about this? Fortunately, yes. Here are some options for those who want to shed the mess and start afresh in their new home:

Use A House Clearance Company

These companies can be hired to remove any excess items or furniture you have within your old home. Moving to a new house is already an expensive exercise, which might put some people off hiring one – however, it should be known that you can actually make a profit out of house clearance companies. If they find something saleable amongst your possessions, they’ll take it off your hands and even pay you so they can sell it forward themselves. Of course, if they don’t find any use for your old stuff, they’ll charge you a disposal fee (they still have a business to run, after all). Regardless, house clearance companies are a good option for people who want to be rid of their rubbish and make a little profit along the way.

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Go to Charity Shops

Charity shops are perfect for the altruistic new homeowner. It seems wasteful and a shame to discard things that you no longer have any use for. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Charity shops will accept donations of almost anything, from tables and sofas to old DVDs and children’s toys, as long as these items are in good condition. So, it’s worthwhile sorting through your possessions and finding what you think could be repurposed to a new home. If you have something lovely that you don’t wear anymore, why keep it to yourself? Particularly when somebody less fortunate who normally wouldn’t be able to afford such things can have it instead? Be selfless and savvy at the same time. It just makes sense.

Rent a Storage Unit

Of course, there’s also the option of storage units. These are an excellent way to declutter and organise your possessions, plus you can rent them for however long you need. Some removal companies will charge you for how many journeys they need to make and how long the moving process takes overall, which can result in extortionate costs. Instead, by renting a storage unit for the belongings you can move yourself, you save a lot of money. Moreover, if there’s a problem during the moving process and you find yourself stranded, you at least have somewhere to stow your possessions. Storage units also give you the luxury of time when unpacking. If don’t want to clutter your new home but haven’t yet sorted through things, you now have the time and space to do so. Consider Safestore for storage units when moving home. They provide a whole host of options for personal storage which can be a massive benefit when in the chaotic process of moving. Plus, their contracts are fully flexible to best meet your needs.

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Consider these options when looking for ways to reduce your personal waste when moving. They’ll give you a fresh start in your new home whilst also helping you to make a profit, do a good deed, and giving you the time and security to sort through your belongings.


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