5 Mistakes You’re Likely to Make With Your Air Conditioner and How to Avoid Them

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Keeping your aircon smooth and running at all times is often the result of proper care and regular maintenance. By setting a regular maintenance routine for the unit, you’re making sure that it performs at its absolute best condition all the time without a single hitch. But did you know that more than doing routine check-ups and proper maintenance, you can also ensure good aircon performance by simply avoiding some of the most common aircon mistakes known to every aircon owner?

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Here are 5 popular mistakes you need to avoid to keep your aircon in excellent condition and some tips that you can follow to prolong the unit’s lifespan.


You neglect cleaning or changing your aircon filter


One of the most common mistakes that aircon owners make (or neglect from doing) is the regular cleaning and changing of the aircon filter. Since aircon filters are responsible for blocking out the dust and dirt in a room, they can get really dirty and dusty over time. If you also happen to use your aircon daily, this means the filters will be accumulating larger amounts of impurities at a faster rate. This is why it’s important to take the time to clean your aircon’s filter every month and to change it every three months. If you make the mistake of neglecting this chore, you can expect your aircon to produce poor air quality, leading to health-related issues such as allergies and irritations. Additionally, failure to clean the aircon filter can result in poor air flow, which can lead to freezing up the unit’s evaporator coil.

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You’re not having your AC serviced regularly


More than any appliance in your home, the aircon needs regular maintenance and check-ups to keep it in perfect shape for a long period of time. Since aircon units usually perform the whole day compared to other machines, the risks of them running into problems are far more likely. While some aircon owners would prefer having their aircon units serviced annually, holding quarterly maintenance and repair is far more ideal as it can help diagnose and fix the aircon’’s problems ahead of time. So what are the usual signs that it’s time to call in an aircon expert? There’s the case of leaking or dripping water, aircon gas leak, low cooling or dirty air quality. If you find yourself experiencing any of these problems, it’s best to contact your trusted aircon servicing company right away.


You keep setting your aircon’s thermostat too low


Setting your aircon’s thermostat too low during warmer seasons may bring you instant comfort, but it can also be the reason for your aircon’s early retirement. Why? By setting up the thermostat often too low, the aircon performs double time just to give you the cool air that you need. What happens when the aircon performs to its fullest capacity all the time? You guessed that right: it can break down altogether. So if you’re guilty of doing this consistently every day without any pause, it’s time to hit a break and give your unit some slack. Instead, try switching up the aircon’s thermostat settings from time to time to give the unit the breathing room that it needs to function without the risk of overperformance. Doing this will help not only you but also your aircon stay cool throughout the day.

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You don’t use the fan to give your aircon a break


Are you guilty of using your aircon all the time without any break? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of aircon owners are always under the impression that these units are made to last under extreme running and performance times. While they aren’t wrong, it’s always nice to give the aircon a break by switching to electric fans when maximum cooling is not required. For an optimal aircon runtime, try scheduling your unit to an average of 6 hours and switch to an electric fan afterwards. This will not only help you give your aircon a breather, but it will also help you save money on your monthly electricity bill. And the added bonus? You also get to help the environment too by consuming less energy and power. 


You leave the doors and windows open when using the aircon


If your doors and windows are always left open every time you use the aircon, don’t skip out on this mistake. While it seems like an obvious thing to avoid every time, there are still a lot of guilty aircon owners who happen to commit the same mistake every time. By letting cool air pass through open doors and windows, the aircon also doubles its effort just to cool a room fast. So it’s always important that you close every window and keep the door of your room shut before turning your air conditioner on.

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