7 Decorative Accents Every Room In Your House Should Have

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No matter how small or large your home may be, whether you live in a condo, quaint farmhouse or sprawling estate, there are certain decorative accents no home should be without. When it comes to interior design, beauty is in the details. Furniture plays a role in the look and feel of your space, but it’s the decorative accents you choose that truly reflect your personal style. Here are our top 7 decorative accents to incorporate into every room in your home.

1. Vases to add elegance

Whether filled with a bouquet of roses, a simple daisy stem or a sprig of foliage, vases are stunning displayed empty or full. With so many incredible shapes, colors and materials from which to choose, a vase goes a long way to add beauty to a bathroom vanity top, bring texture to an office bookshelf or add sophistication to a tablescape.

Sleek silhouettes, tinted glass, decorative acrylic accents and bold geometric designs all add to the stylish statement a single vase can make in a home. While many vases look stunning displayed on their own, you can create a captivating vignette when you mix and match a group of 3 or more. It’s a simple way to quickly take a room to elegant new heights.

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2. Baskets to beautify

In addition to offering excellent storage possibilities, natural baskets such as rattan, bamboo or seagrass instantly add texture and warmth to any space. You’ll be inspired to get organized when you discover how breathtaking baskets in all shapes and sizes can be as decorative as they are practical. Handwoven baskets and wicker totes have unique qualities and imperfect features—that’s exactly why we love them. Essential for keeping clothing tidy, storing toys, displaying potted plants or showcasing prized possessions, baskets are multipurpose catch-alls that rank near the top of our must-have home décor accents list.

3. Trays to serve up stylish organization

Say goodbye to patterned cardboard boxes used to hold paper clips or unsightly cup hooks used to hang keys. Decorative trays are the way to go when you want to elevate your style and keep necessities within reach. Stylish gold and silver metal oblong trays, leather lined double tiered trays or wooden trays in various shapes and sizes all serve to entertain guests but also act as wonderful decorative accents for shelves, dressers, kitchen counters or living room side tables.

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4. Items that reflect your style

While every accessory brings personality to a space, accessories with special meaning or decorative accents that are a reflection of YOU, are the ones that truly bring a room to life. Let your spirit shine through in every room in your home with souvenirs from your travels, patterns you love or items that reflect your one-of-a-kind personality, such as an unusual sculpture or decorative figurines with artistic flair.

5. Candles and holders that radiate beauty

A glowing candle has the power to elevate a dining experience, bringing sophistication to the dinner table and can also create a sense of peace, turning a bathroom into a soothing spa. Use candles and appropriate holders to set the tone in different rooms in your home. Breathtaking blown glass candlesticks create a glamorous setting, while solid wood candle holders can bring warmth to a family room or lend an organic touch to a kitchen counter. Use candles to relax or to create a romantic environment. Candles are always a perfect choice displayed alone or grouped together. Place a candle on a breakfast tray for guests, display matching candlesticks on a mantel or keep a pretty candle on the edge of a soaker tub. No matter where they are placed, candles are essential decorative accents to brighten every space.

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6. Books and bookends for displaying your classics

Whether your favorite books include literary classics or you have a prized comic book collection, books are the quintessential decorative accent and bookends allow you to showcase them in unique and wonderful ways. Stack a few books on an office shelf and group a few more using interesting bookends that capture attention. Demonstrate your love of travel with roman bookends or turn heads with crystal ball bookends that double as pieces of art. You choose your books wisely. Why not allow your bookends to speak volumes about who you are as well.

7. A planter that adds a natural touch

The easiest way to add instant natural beauty to your home is to bring the outdoors in. Every room in your home should have a plant. Plants breathe life (literally) into every space, purifying the air and creating a fresh, welcoming environment. There are so many planter styles available on the market that there’s no reason you can’t feature plants in every room, even if you’re short on space. Perch succulents in ceramic planters on your window sill or opt for cement floor planters and fill a bare corner with a stunning palm. Showcase your prized orchid in a decorative table top planter or display cut flowers on your walls. Nothing beautifies your home quite like plants, especially when you’ve got the perfect planters and pots to put them in.

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Discover the infinite design possibilities that Decorative Accents, Vases and Planters provide.

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