Is buying a house and land package the right choice for you?

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The choice to purchase a house is a big one. The choice becomes even more complicated if you are trying to decide whether to add a land package to the house. Once you understand the benefits of adding a land package to your house, you can make the decision of whether it is or isn’t the right choice for your family.

What is the Process Like?

First, you’ll want to find an area or neighbourhood where you would like to purchase a house. When choosing an area, you’ll want to think about the distance to public transport and public spaces such as parks for your kids and pets.

The next step is to think about the size of land and shape you would want. There are many different options, which do depend on the neighbourhood you pick. Consider if you want a similar house and yard style as your neighbours or if you want something unique, as this will likely influence what neighbourhood you choose to live in.

Another important factor to consider is how close you want to be to the center of your neighbourhood. If you are hoping for something near the center of your community, you’ll have to keep on top of new developments as these land plots tend to sell quickly! Also consider the physical features of the plot of land that you choose for your home. If the land isn’t completely flat, there may be work that needs to be done prior to the build. This can sometimes require special contractors and increase the total price that you invest into your house and land package.

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Speaking of costs, experts recommend keeping in mind that the model home you tour may not be exactly what you end up with. It is common that people under-estimate the costs of “add ons” such as luxury appliances or premium. Be sure to ask questions to your home development team throughout the process, so that you can ensure you are getting what you want for a price you that you can afford.

When you pick a team to help you build your house, choose someone who will take the time to listen to all the little details that you have in mind and help you bring your vision to life, within your budget.

So, is a land package right for you? If you and your family want considerable space to call your own and to build the house of your dreams, the answer is yes!

A property development that you will want to check out is The New Bloom in Clyde North House and land packages. The New Bloom is the next phase of the sold-out Bloom community, which features over 450 houses in a premium location at Thompsons Road in Clyde North, Melbourne’s most sought-after new suburb. The New Bloom complements a large neighbourhood with a distinct village feel.

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The New Bloom is for homeowners and families that appreciate considerable space to live in. That’s why you’ll find an abundance of open space to support a healthy lifestyle or play sports with your kids. Additionally, there are land packages available at various sizes and you have the freedom to choose the size that suits you.

The New Bloom is brought to you by Five Squared, a leading Melbourne property developer, specializing in creating places where families grow and lifestyles prosper. They have been in the business for over fifty years, so you know that you will have experienced pros working on your side to get you a space that you and your family can enjoy together.


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