How to Make a Home-Buying Wishlist

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Heather Jones
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The pressure to discover your “ideal”, move-in ready home, can accompany home shopping. Existing houses, on the other hand, have character baked in, and you may find that when touring properties, you’ll need to make some sacrifices.

Creating a wish list for your home will help you compromise on the less crucial aspects. When you don’t sweat the small stuff, such as not liking a home’s bathroom paint colour or a garden layout on the front lawn, you can focus on your genuine goals, like backyard space with plenty of room for entertainment or if a functional kitchen for your family.

A house wish list might also assist you in determining which home amenities are most and least significant to you. It’s also a communication tool, allowing buyers, their families, and real estate brokers to get on the same page when the property quest begins. Here’s how to create a wishlist for your house-hunting adventure:

Determine Needs vs. Wants

While nothing is impossible, you’re unlikely to find a property that already has everything you want. Defining your needs and desires allows you to understand what you’re willing to compromise on, allowing you to compare houses and make an informed purchasing decision.

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Needs are necessities in your life. There are certain set requirements, such as the sale price fitting within your home-buying budget. Certain demands are unique to you, such as an artist who requires space to keep canvases and supplies.

  • Pricing range
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Backyard fencing
  • School and work proximity

Nevertheless, wants are features on which you can compromise. You may have always desired a hot tub, and it can certainly sweeten a bargain, but you will not pass up a house that suits your needs because it lacks one.

Some instances of desires include the following:

  • Walk-In Closets
  • Garage for two cars
  • The kitchen islands
  • Porch that wraps around

Goals and needs can be tailored to your specific lifestyle. If you can’t fathom your life without a walk-in pantry, you can surely add one to your needs, or you may choose a home that can be renovated to contain the ideal pantry.

Yet, finding a home with such a long list of requirements will be difficult. If you discover that you have too many needs, return to your wish list a week or two later to pare it down. Consider making a list of “don’t desires,” which can be just as useful when house hunting.

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Make Contact With Your Real Estate Team

By combining an experienced real estate team with exceptional communication, you’ll be able to get the home of your dreams much faster and with far more ease.

Once you’ve determined your housing objectives, share your wish list to your real estate agent at Harvey Kalles Real Estate, you can collaborate on your best home-buying strategy.

Of course, your real estate agent isn’t the only one who searches for properties online. When making large purchases, your friends and family can be invaluable resources. They’ll also be able to offer valuable perspectives on house hunting.

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