6 Tips for Making Your Home a Rental Property

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Do you have an unoccupied property that you would want to use to help bring in cash flow? Or are you planning to invest in property that you are specifically dedicating for renting out? Here are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of making your home a rental property:

  1. Review pertinent regulations

Before jumping into the property rental sector and putting up a sign or an ad saying “Woodcrest Residence for Rent” (or whatever name of the property that you’ll offer as a rental), it’s best for you to review applicable laws related to rentals. With such knowledge, you will know what a landlord can and cannot do. You should also review other lease contracts and draft one that is applicable to you and your rental property.

2. Treat your property rental as a serious business

While this should already be common knowledge, one who wishes to rent out a property should treat the whole idea as if it were your business. Some people don’t consider it as a full-fledged business, thus failing to grow into one.

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You should take your property rental seriously, and you should put your very best in it. When you treat your rental as a business, you will be more strategic in all your efforts related to it, from planning to maintaining it.

3. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential tenants

As you ready your property to be a rental, always put yourself in the shoes of a tenant. This way, you will make sure that your property will have the things that a tenant would need. Sure, there are property rentals that are offered bare, leaving all the designing and furnishing up to the tenant, but you would not be able to stand out in such away.

When you already have a tenant in your property, also make sure that you treat them well, just the way you would want to be treated if you are a tenant.

4. Consider seeking the services of a property manager

If you do not have the time to personally work on the upkeep of your property or properties up for lease, then you should consider seeking the services of a professional. When you work with a property manager, you will have a dedicated expert that can manage your rentals for you. All you need to focus on would be growing your rental business.

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5. Offer your property at a competitive price

Potential tenants would almost always look at the price tag first before making inquiries. The affordability of a property plays a huge part in how well it can command demand. Of course, your potential tenants would consider factors affecting your price such as the condition of the property, as well as what kind of furnishings you provided, but even if your property is the best one around, if it is not affordable, then its appeal will be very low.

One great exercise is to check out how much comparable rental properties are being offered, and benchmark such price to what kind of unit they are offering.

6. Screen your potential tenants

If you think you’re ready to start your rental business, just a reminder that you should do your part in doing due diligence for your potential tenants. Find out if they really have the capacity to pay their rent, and check out as well whether they are any involvement in illegal activities. You may even seek character references just so you will be confident in trusting your property over to someone.

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Turn your home into a successful property rental

Property rental can be a good business that can deliver you stable cash flow. You should consider doing this if you have a property that you are unable to use, or you can actively invest in properties and build your very own property rental empire. In any case, turn your property rental into a success by following our 6 tips above.

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