6 Tips To Increase Vacation Rental Bookings 

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While there’s always a peak season for vacations, many people are also looking for getaways during off-peak season. If you own a vacation rental, you want to ensure that you get as many bookings as possible no matter the season and boost your revenue. This means finding out what attracts vacationers to particular rentals and finding ways to draw them into yours.

However, achieving this may be a bit more challenging than it sounds, but it is still possible. You’ll need to make your vacation rental meticulous, up-to-date with amenities, and keep up with marketing trends and tactics. 

This article shares six crucial tips to help you increase bookings and enjoy the benefits of hosting guests in and out of the season. 

1. Market Your Rental Effectively

When you’ve created a good listing, the best way to increase bookings is by placing it on multiple booking sites and social pages. Get on board with reputable booking sites and new and upcoming sites alternative to Airbnb and other vacation rental booking platforms. Review their listing policies versus the potential exposure and benefits you’ll get as.  

In addition, you may want to get on the social media platforms with designated accounts for the rental. Here you can share updates, offers, discounts, and photos to increase your following and, hopefully, bookings. You want your rental to be known by as many people as possible, be available for bookings, and you offer stellar amenities and services. Therefore, you must improve its visibility by placing your listing where vacationers can find it.  

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2. Create A Catchy Listing

Getting your rental out there is the beginning of getting bookings. However, the content of your vacation rental listing is critical to getting people to notice and want to stay in it. The listing needs to stand out and draw guests. For starters, you need to take professional photos. It’s quite tempting to take photos yourself with your available devices, but you’d want to think of professional photography instead. 

Don’t just have a few scanty photos. Take enough to showcase your entire rental, amenities, and the surrounding environment. The purpose is to build the right expectations and attraction to your potential guests to make them hit the book button. Your images should be quality and a true reflection of the actual state of your vacation rental. You’ll appreciate the importance of the latter when guest reviews affirm it. 

3. Be Easy To Find

One of the things vacationers will do when looking for a place to stay is get into search engines to ascertain your existence and know the general area of your rental. They must find your listing. You need to consider making your listing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly for this to happen.  

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You can have a perfect vacation rental that visitors don’t know exists because search engines don’t recognize it. Having an SEO-friendly listing means ensuring that it appears on top of search results when people enter search questions for vacation rentals within your area. It involves understanding how search engines rank content and qualify it as the best answer for a user’s search query. 

Appearing where more vacationers can find you when looking for places to stay is essential to improved bookings. If you don’t have any knowledge to achieve this, consider involving an SEO expert to help you with your listing’s optimization.  

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4. Focus On Crucial Amenities

Providing what your guests precisely want is one of the best ways to get a leg over your competitors. Besides making you more competitive, it also justifies your rates and tariffs. Research the must-have amenities for guests and work towards enhancing your rental. To get you started on your research, conduct a competitor analysis to determine what other vacation rentals are offering. 

Look for areas they haven’t exploited and make yours the go-to rental for those things. Your competitor research will help you optimize your listings with the right content and amenity-specifics guests seek. However, ensure you’re conducting proper research concerning the geographical location and the type of rental. Undoubtedly, the amenities guests want in a hideout in the country will be completely different from a beach rental. 

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5. Establish Excellent Guest Policies

Policies are essential to you as they help set standards for various aspects of hosting guests in your vacation rental. They’re meant to protect your property and revenue. But they’re also crucial to the guests and directly impact how many people feel compelled to book your rental. Whether it’s about the minimum stay period, cancellations, or refunds, ensure they’re clear and straightforward. 

The best way to approach your vacation rental policy formulation would be to make them dynamic. Just that little flexibility can go a long way in enhancing guest experience and satisfaction. You want to be more accommodative rather than rigid, continually reviewing and adjusting the policies as needed.  

Look at the market trends and learn from your competitors the qualities that make their policies better and areas you can improve to stand out. In addition, you may want to try and be adaptive to situations that are beyond anyone’s control.  

6. Collect Your Reviews

In today’s online marketing environment, reviews can play a critical role in boosting bookings for your vacation rental. Guests will be looking at the rentals with five-star ratings and checking what other guests have to say about their stay before booking. Further, good ratings place you on top of searches, ensuring that more people view your listing.  

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This helps to build your reputation and, therefore, trust. To achieve this, make your rental shine with consistent standards, and respond promptly, professionally, positively, and adequately to questions and feedback, mainly if they’re negative. Also, make it easy for guests to leave reviews.  


Your bookings may not shoot up overnight, but the tips above can help consistently build them up with time. Create and list your home on multiple sites to capture a wider audience and increase visibility. Make your listing findable on search engines by considering and including SEO-friendly features. Focus on what guests want to find and establish dynamic policies. You’ll be collecting better reviews, which are highly interested in people looking for vacation rentals. With time, you’ll start to notice improved bookings.

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