6 Tips to Transform a Basement into a Gym

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It’s a smart idea to transform your basement into a space you can work out in. All the things you’ll have to do are discussed below. Read ahead.

Measure the Dimensions

Measure the space carefully. Gyms are huge, so you need to know how big of a space you’ll be working with. Most basements are large so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Get a tape and measure the vicinity multiple times. This would let you get the most accurate reading. In general, a basement that is a minimum of 8 foot by 8 foot would work well for lifting. If you want to include a treadmill in there too, a space that is 10 foot by 10 would be fine.

Find Any Problems

As the space is right under the home, it wouldn’t be getting that much ventilation. The absence of much natural light coming in would cause problems as well. The most common would be moisture – there could be a lot of mold between the walls.

Look around for any pipes that may be leaking as well. They’d be adding onto the moisture in the space, as well as making the room dangerous to work out in. Think about it – a puddle could collect and you could slip and fall. Water might also get inside of your treadmill.

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Considering that basements are underground, it’s not surprising if rats or other pests would be present. Hire a team to get rid of the problem.


When working out, you take in a lot of oxygen and exhale CO2. Being in a space that doesn’t have proper ventilation would make exercising harder. Try and improve the vicinity’s ventilation. This isn’t hard to do – just add window fans and a ventilation duct. What’s great is that the two suggestions would also improve air quality; you won’t have to worry about mold.

Get Proper Flooring

You need the right flooring to exercise on. The one in your basement might likely be concrete or something abrasive. A good option would be rubber or foam. Getting a hold of them wouldn’t be expensive.

If you drop a heavy weight, you don’t have to worry about the floor chipping.

Look Good

Even if you utilize the above points, the basement might still not look good. All you did was make it more functional.

A lot of houses leave basements unfinished so that new owners can transform them to their vision. Companies like Penguin Basements finishing can make the space more appealing.

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Penguin says you can head on to any of their offices, even our office in Mississauga, to make your basement look good.

Assemble & Place

Depending on the equipment you bought, you might have to do some assembly. Hopefully, the company you bought from would be willing to do this for you. Is there a specific spot you should place the items? Not really. But a tip would be to space them in ways that would let you move around easier.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, a lot of things have to be kept in mind if you want to transform the vicinity into a gym. They aren’t too hard to implement, though.

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