What’s Involved In Finishing A Basement?

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For people who have decided to finish their basement, they’ve already taken the first, major step. There can be some uncertainty about completing a basement, however, and what is involved. 


The first thing a person must decide on is whether or not to do it themselves. This is a crucial step in the process, as much of this depends on what those people’s skills are. For people who already own a contracting business or know who to hire to help them out, then the decision is pretty obvious. For those who believe that the DIY approach is the best, but don’t have certain skills, they need to take the time to seriously consider what they’re doing. Remodeling a basement into a livable space takes time, serious commitment, and a great deal of know-how on how to make it all come together.

There are considerations for instance, on what the space will be used for which will directly impact who and what is needed. If a basement is being finished, then electrical is going to be done and, for that, a professional needs to be called. If a bathroom is going to be installed, a plumber is needed, and so on. This means that the best thing to do is to hire professionals to finish a basement and it is contractors that are likely to be the best first call that anyoneshould make.

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Once that decision is made, it’s the contractor who can aid a person in coming up with what they want the layout of the basement to look like once they’re done. Again, this is best to have done professionally, since accuracy is important. With a layout finished, permits can be obtained, if necessary, and work can begin soon afterward, but first, there must be a moisture assessment.

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A moisture assessment is not something that is regularly done in other areas of the house, but the basement is the one place in the house where it’s typically found and one has to make sure that it’s safe to finish a basement. Ensuring that a basement is dry enough means that a lot of money isn’t spent only for a family to realize that finished basement now has moldy walls. So, this is something that’s incredibly important to do before getting started.

What a homeowner can expect once work begins is to see the electrician and the plumber first. They have to be able to see what is expected and know what they need to do. Depending on how complex the work is that needs to be done, an electrician might be there for just a day, or he/she might need to come back a few more times. A plumber will also come in at the appropriate time to install proper facilities.

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After that, expect insulation to go in, followed by drywall, painting and doors, and finally, the floors will be finished. It won’t take as long as people might think, and the project ends with a quick payment to the contractor!


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