A Luxurious English Manor Estate in British Columbia, Canada


This exquisite mansion was built over (on) a 53-acre property in British Columbia, Canada, and it was designed by Stuart Howard in order to resemble a late 18th century manor. The house was finally completed in 2005 after six years of hard work, and it flaunts 22,319 square feet of living spaces including a formal dining room with seating for 22 people, an exercise room, a billiards room, a steam room, a chapel, a theatre room, 12 bedrooms and a fantastic kitchen equipped with high quality stainless steel modern appliances.

Additionally, the manor’s residents can relax at the large swimming pool, steam room or hot tub. The outdoors provides excellent opportunities for recreation as well, featuring a 1-acre pond, large open fields, bowling lawns and beautiful rose and perennial gardens.

This truly iconic residence flaunts an imposing granite-made exterior and a sophisticated interior, with marble tiles and two curved staircases, placed conveniently at the large formal entrance that welcomes the owners and their guests.

The house is priced at $10,180,000.

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