Advantages of installing LED troffers in your office

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LED troffer fixture is a rectangular light fixture that can fit in a modular grid ceiling, native to office buildings and commercial setups. These fixtures accommodate two or more tubular lights. Earlier, they were designed to accommodate fluorescent tubes, but now with the advanced technology, they have been successfully replaced by LED tubes, and other LED integrated sources. Conclusively, they are now known as LED troffer lights. 

Office spaces require bright light because people and the equipment in use require comfortable, glare-free, and uniformly distributed light throughout. For a better visibility, productivity, and ambience, light fixtures that are powerful enough to meet daily lighting needs without any disruption are of priority. 

Over the years, they have been developed to accommodate all specific lighting aspects concerning modernization. 

Traditionally, offices require bright uniform light, but with individual ventures, it is now necessary to have such a professional but sleek lighting layout, matching the modern aesthetics and office layout and super-efficient.

Types of LED Troffers 

Lensed troffer

Lensed troffers are troffers with acrylic polycarbonate lenses. They provide general lighting in all directions with reduced glare. The lens ensures the uniformity of light, and the aluminum housing provides durability. 

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Parabolic LED troffer 

Parabolic LED troffer fixture is a key advancement in troffer light fixtures for offices and work-oriented environments. 

It is for more visual comfort and to reduce glare in an office environment. It has slightly different features than normal troffers and makes them a little bit more accommodating and appealing.

In a parabolic LED troffer, the lamps are placed quite more profound inside the fixture, which increases the overall depth of the light fixture. It appears prismatic, and the insides are brushed with aluminum to reduce glare and obstruction, so the light bounces off of it efficiently. Other materials can also be used and are available depending on the need. 

Parabolic troffers prefer other troffer fixtures because they provide directional light, which is their essential design purpose. 

Benefits of LED troffer lights 

Design variation:

There are variations on the louvers; as stated before, you can get smaller cubes and larger cells and different materials. 

LED Lamp:

Most of the modern troffer fixtures have LED lamps or an array of LEDs arranged inside the fixture. It is more convenient than using other LED lamps in offices as they create more visually comfortable light and shield the light from offending glare which is the biggest cause of eye strain, leading to headaches. 

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The life span of LED:

Ever since the introduction of LEDs, they have practically replaced every other traditional fixture. The lifespan of LED outlives all conventional fixtures. They require little to no maintenance, which proves to be very cost-effective in the long run. 


Troffer lights have been around ever since for commercial areas due to their design compatibility. The modular ceiling requires a specific type of product that is effective and a low-cost investment initially. 

LED troffer lights are a smart modification for the office atmosphere. They are relatively less expensive than other linear light fixtures like high bay lights. They also offer excellent control over the kind of light and set the ambiance. LED technology allows control over lighting colour and direction; it can be adjusted from warm to cool tones according to the office’s layout. 

It is a necessity these days. They have several advantages in the long run, like low utility bills, less trouble with maintenance and replacement and most importantly, energy and cost savings. 

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