Allegra House in Sovereign Islands by Think Design Studio


This is a waterfront house that creates a standard in the business! It is set on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, and it was designed by TCL Homes and Think Design Studio.

Since it was conceived as a luxurious home, it was made in full concrete, and it boasts 11,151 sq ft. The exterior design is glossy and modern with straight shapes and facades, but the most important element is that it features a ‘private garage’ for your boat. The bended roof top makes the house look like a giant pagoda with terraces and glass walls to emphasize the view and blur the line between the interior and exterior.

The social areas are situated on the first level, overlooking the waterfront. The tranquil water will surely relax you during family meals or when you sip a glass of wine with your friends. Different corners of the house have different uses, like a study on one corner, or simply a reading space on another. The massive-looking wood staircase with the glass balustrade is the connector between the lower floor and the upstairs private spaces.

This is a splendid waterfront home that needs no changes since the assembly was designed perfectly to begin with.

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