Before Redecorating Your Home – Have a Plan!

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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The best redecorating plans are those made by people who know what they want and have a clear vision of what it will take to get it there. If you’re unsure how you should decorate a space, think about how you want to feel in it, look for inspiration online don’t rush it until you’re ready.

When you’re ready to start planning, turn a critical eye on each room in your home and make a list of what needs to be done in each. Then, prioritize that list in order of importance. A prioritized plan to furnish your home can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the moving parts, making costly mistakes or going over budget.

Before you start picking out furniture, however, take a look at the walls in the areas you are redecorating. If hiring professionals that provide both colour consultations and expert painting services was at the top of your list, your plan is already off to a great start!

The colour of a space is the foundation for its design, and expertly painted walls elevate the look of that space, making the entire room look professionally designed.

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Prioritize the Essentials

There’s no getting around having to make one or two major purchases when decorating your home, so if you’re budget-constrained, there is no rush for you to furnish the entire home all at once.

Focus on the rooms you need and use the most, and ensure that they contain essentials like bedroom sets and couches. Then, gradually fill out the rest of your space as you free up more budget or find items on sale.

Decide on a Look for Your Space

Using a specific style to decorate an area of your home with can help you focus on finding the right pieces and block out all the available options. It also ensures that the space you’re decorating has a cohesive look.

From modern to minimalist to farmhouse, there are several design styles to choose from and use as inspiration. How you design and decorate a space depends on your personality, preferences and how you want to feel in that part of your home. For example, if you prefer having a lot of open space and only want the essentials in your kitchen, you’d likely prefer a minimalist look over a farmhouse design and should keep that in mind when buying a table and chairs.

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Another method for designing a room is to base how it looks on a statement piece. If you’re furniture shopping, for example, and you fall in love with a couch or an end table that has the exact style you want for your space, use those pieces as the focal point of the room and choose other design elements for that space that complement those statement pieces.

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