3 Consultants You Should See Before Buying Your Dream Home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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A great house is the central tent-post of the American dream. A dream house is the stuff of fantasy. For many, that dream house is a dream come true. They have attained that which they desired for so long, only to realize that it was not all they imagined it could be. Chances are, the problem wasn’t with the house. In part, the problem is expectation.

We can’t expect a house, no matter how grand, to fix all of life’s problems. “Happily ever after” is a line only seen in children’s stories because it seldom happens in real life. Moving into your castle does not make you queen or king of the realm. Life goes on. And life is still hard.

While a grand house is a grand achievement, it also unlocks a unique set of challenges. They say that a house is never finished. It is a never ending project. That is even more true for a truly grand house. The projects are more numerous, bigger, and a lot more expensive. Unless you have expertise in multiple disciplines, you are going to need to call in some help. Here are some of the experts you will need to consult along the way:

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A Financial Consultant

San Diego is one of the most desirable places to live on the planet. It is also one of the more expensive destinations. You might have the downpayment saved up. But are you really prepared for the monthly note? Are you prepared for property tax, upkeep, utilities? Are you prepared to carry all that financial burden for the next 30 years?

The first consultant to call is the best financial advisor San Diego has to offer and have a nice, long talk about your financial preparedness. You might find that a less expensive house is the better path. You will also need to discuss what would happen if you lost your primary source of income. Do you have enough money to survive that kind of upheaval?

You also have to consider equity. You want a house that will serve as a long-term investment, not just a short-term purchase. When it’s time to retire, will you want to keep the house or sell it and get something smaller and more manageable? You want a property that will grow in value over time. With so much to consider, you should probably consult with a financial advisor before calling your real estate agent.

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An Interior Decorator

You might have earned your dream home through your successful labors as an interior decorator. If you did, you already know the 5 interior design features to impress your guests. However, if you do not have the time or training or natural eye for design, you will want to commission an interior designer to help make your space a sanctuary.

Pulling off tasteful decor is hard to do for a small space. The challenge doesn’t get easier, but harder when the space is bigger. You have a lot more space to make an even bigger, gaudier, tasteless, lamentable mess. There are many examples of dream homes turned dystopia nightmares because of terrible design and decor. If you are going to spend a lifetime saving for your dream home, spend a few more dollars to give it the decorative attention it deserves.

An Insurance Agent

Even before you purchase your high-value home, you have to look into insurance for your high-value home. There are so many moving parts that you need to do more than choose the best offer you saw on some TV commercial. You need a professional who can help you with the aspects of insurance you can’t possibly know from a casual internet search.

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In order to get the most from your dream house, you have to wake up from the dream long enough to do some hard things and make clear-headed decisions. Get help with those decisions by gaining expert advice from financial advisors, interior decorators, and insurance specialists. 

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