Can fibreglass pools be installed above ground?

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Is a pool something you’ve always wanted for your home? Not sure if your backyard is suitable for one or you are worried the cost will blow out your budget? Well, you will be glad to know that a pool may still be an option for your place. Above ground pools tend to be cheaper to install.

They can be built to accommodate virtually any site and designed to complement the existing layout of the backyard. A fibreglass pool that has been made to a superior standard can be installed inground, partially inground or above ground. Which installation method you choose depends on the layout of your yard and your budget.

If you decide to install your pool above ground due to budget, this does not mean you are compromising on the pool’s strength or its overall appearance either. Your experienced pool builder will be able to offer clever suggestions on how to install your pool to suit your backyard as well as ensure it is highly functional. An infinity pool with disappearing edges is one of many stunning features you can add to an above ground pool. 

Why should I install my fibreglass pool above ground?

There are many benefits to installing your pool above ground, here are some of them:

The cost

We all want the best product for the best price and how much the pool costs can be the deciding factor when choosing your installation method. When comparing the price of an inground pool to an above ground pool, the amount can vary by thousands of dollars.

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As there is minimal groundwork to be done with an above ground pool, the cost is significantly lower. Installing a superior quality shell from The Fibreglass Pool Company above ground does not compromise the quality or strength of the pool. Our fibreglass pools are reinforced and will still maintain their structure the same as if it were installed inground. A well designed above ground pool can create a stunning focal point at your home, just for a fraction of the cost.


When we think of a swimming pool for the backyard, an inground pool is probably what first comes to mind and whilst they are highly popular not everyone has the option of installing a pool this way. Some property owners prefer the look of inground pools as they tie in with the overall appearance of their backyard.

If you would rather have your pool installed above ground if your site cannot accommodate an inground pool, there are numerous ways you can customise the look of your above ground pool to suit your home perfectly.  Many have the misconception that an above ground pool is just placed on the ground and they look out of place, however this is not the case. Your pool builder will work with your to incorporate your above ground swimming pool with your backyard and with some clever surrounding, plants and landscaping you can create a stunning feature in your backyard. 

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Easy to install

Choosing to install your pool above ground is far more cost effective than if you opted for an inground pool installation. This is mainly because above ground pools require very little excavation work prior to putting the pool in. This drastically reduces the amount of time and labour needed to install your pool, which in turn will save you money.  As the construction is so minimal, once it is filled with water, you can swim in it practically straight away.

Strong and long lasting

Fibreglass technology has come a long way in recent years. Innovative construction enables fibreglass pools to have extreme tactile strength and durability that can be installed on virtually any site. They are skilfully designed to be able to accommodate earth movements without the risk or cracking or splitting. They will last just as long above ground as they do if they installed inground. Many reputable fibreglass pool companies offer generous warranties with their pools as they are so confident in their quality.

Features of an above ground fibreglass pool by The Fibreglass Pool Company

  1. Our entire collection is suitable for above ground installation
  2. They are compatible with every type of sanitising system
  3. We have one of South East Queensland’s biggest ranges of fibreglass pools
  4. Our pools have innovative features such as safety steps and edges as well as tanning ledges
  5. Extremely long lasting and come with a generous lifetime internal, structural and osmosis warranty.
  6. Manufactured to exceed national and worldwide pool building standards
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We build pools that can accommodate virtually any site

If you have an undesirable backyard or a sloping block, make sure you hire a qualified pool builder that has an in depth understanding and experience constructing pools on these types of sites. They will be able to advise you of your options and the best way to approach your pool build to save money and time whilst ensuring it is aesthetically appealing and highly functional within the space. Our team of licenced pool builders here at The Fibreglass Pool Company have many years experiencing building pools on less than ideal sites, terrains, and soil conditions. 

Different ways you can install a fibreglass pool

When making the decision to put a pool in, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of all the options available to help you make the right choice for you and your home. Fibreglass pools can be installed via three different installation methods: 


An inground pool is typically the most common way to install a pool and they are highly popular amongst homeowners in the market for a pool. Inground pools are great choice for those with flat blocks and enough room in their budget to accommodate one.

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Partially inground

The reality is not everyone has a flat backyard to install a pool on. A partially inground pool can provide the ideal solution. Partially inground pools are suited to those with uneven ground or those with sloping blocks. When the pool builder visits your home, they will offer advice on which pool installation solution would work best in the backyard to give you the greatest result. 

Above ground

An above ground pool eliminates the need for extensive groundwork and your pool builder can work with you to tie your pool into the existing layout of your home and yard to create a cohesive space. They are a great swimming pool option for those who have elevated houses and want their pool to be flush with the home and outdoor area. When this is done correctly your pool will appear inground. Most people don’t even notice the pool is above ground until you mention it.

Deciding which installation method is best for your home

Regardless of how you want your pool installed, our team here at The Fibreglass Pool Company can help you turn your pool dreams into reality. We have extensive knowledge and experience building pools to suit every type of backyard in all sorts of conditions. If you are ready to take plunge and transform your backyard with a swimming pool of your very own, get in touch with our friendly team to organise your obligation free onsite quote.

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