Commercial Office Design: 3 Trends You Need to Follow

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Stop wondering what to do on your next commercial office renovation. Check out these top commercial office design trends for your next project.

Your commercial office space is where all your business is done, where your creativity is expressed, and the home of your greatest asset.

As such, you need to design your office building in a way that suits your company perfectly. Professional design services can help you capture whatever look and layout you would like.

Putting some quality design principles to work will set the tone for how you do business now and for years to come.

Here’s what you should know about commercial office design trends that are in right now.

1. Plan Based on Activity and Functionality

A commercial office building should serve your company’s daily needs above everything else.

Set up the design in a way that promotes a positive flow of energy and that has plenty of functionality. Every piece of square footage should serve a purpose in helping your business make progress.

You can accomplish this whether you need an entire commercial renovation or to just spruce up your current office space.

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Many companies today are choosing open floor space that helps people quickly and easily share ideas. You can set up numerous work areas so that people don’t feel tied to their office or a cubicle.

Arrange the workplace to have meeting space, brainstorming, virtual conference calls, and so much more. When your design promotes activity, you’ll appreciate that every minute in your commercial building is well-spent.

2. Consider Green Space, Natural Lighting, and Fresh Air

People today don’t want to be confined to traditional office spaces. You can get the same amount of work done, and then some, by adding windows that promote natural lighting, installing plant life and greenery, and setting up outdoor areas that let people get fresh air.

Adding natural lighting to your office space is shown to create a more than 80% reduction in things like headaches and eye strain. Creating outdoor break areas will allow people plenty of time to get sunshine and fresh air, and will give them the recharge needed to put in productive hours.

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3. Play Around With Interesting Color Schemes and Themes

Taking the time to plan out your color scheme and layout will also help you with your commercial office design. Select between some options that pop and that create a productive, engaging, and inviting environment where you work.

Choose commercial office furniture that also fits this color scheme. Shades of yellow, green, white, and gray will help you create peace and tranquility in your place of business. Since you’ll be spending several hours a week here, you owe it to yourself to make the office as aesthetically appealing as possible.

Work Out Your Commercial Office Design Principles

The points above will help you out when you’re interested in commercial office design. Your next step is to find some professionals who can help you.

Invicta Construction will help you out when you need architectural designs, new builds, tenant improvements, and several other services.

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