Home Bathroom Contemporary Luxury At The Esplanade House in Melbourne

Contemporary Luxury At The Esplanade House in Melbourne


Built in a superb neighborhood in Brighton, Melbourne, Australia, the fabulous Esplanade House is a perfect example of contemporary comfort and luxury. Following the specifications of the owner, the expert architects at Finnis Architects created a modern, cozy and comfortable residence that meets and surpasses all standards of luxury and opulence.

Accommodations include 3 gorgeous bedrooms, each boasting its own en-suite bathroom and superb views of the surrounding environment. The main living spaces can be found on the ground floor, and since they are directly connected to the outdoors, they manage to give off a sense of openness and spaciousness. Other highlights include the extensive use of glass panels on the front façade as well as a gorgeous swimming pool, indoor fireplaces, splendid lighting arrangements and modern furnishings. Last but not least, the roof was built at an angle for a dramatic effect, but it also ensures a certain degree of self-sustainability.

Photos by Dianna Snape