Decorating Tips That Help Sell Homes During Christmastime

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Selling a home during the Christmas season can present its challenges, although the right decor provides sellers with the opportunity to infuse the magic of the holiday season into their property, captivating potential buyers and creating an unforgettable impression. By showcasing the warmth and charm of your home through thoughtful and festive decorations, you can expedite the selling process and fill potential buyers with heartfelt delight. Let’s explore the challenges associated with selling a home during the holidays and evaluate ideas that can help make your home stand out during the holiday season.

Challenges of Selling a Home at Christmastime

Christmastime is a time when families get together to share special moments and make memories as they await St. Nick. Parties, big meals, Christmas trees, and holiday decorating come along with the Christmas season. The holidays are so busy, most families are too preoccupied with the Christmas going-ons like traveling to visit family, holiday parties, and gift exchanges to worry about buying a home.

People who are not preoccupied with Christmas events may be less inclined to attend open houses or search for homes of interest due to the cold climate associated with the season. Below-freezing temperatures, snow, and ice commonly occur during the holiday season. These conditions tend to keep people at home wrapped in a blanket in front of the fireplace.

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They may also impact open houses and other events designed to showcase and sell a home. If buyers can’t get to your open house due to snow or inclement weather, your event is a flop -and a waste of time.

Financial hardships can also stand in the way of selling a home at Christmastime: People tend to spend more money around the holidays. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the new year within a few weeks of each other, financial hardships restrict spending, and many people put off buying a home until a later date.

Some sellers attribute Christmastime as a bad time to sell because of a lack of curb appeal. Seasoned designers and decorators know this simply isn’t true. In fact, decorating a home inside and out is much easier at Christmastime.

How to Decorate Your Home for Sale at Christmastime

Setting the scene at Christmastime is much easier than at other times of the year. The majority of people in America celebrate this holiday. They’re attracted to lights, Christmas music, decorated trees, and Christmas-related scenes. Decorating your home with Christmas attire definitely will turn heads and attract potential buyers out and about in the area.

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We’re confident using the decorating ideas below will set the stage for a warm embrace from potential home buyers.

Nativity Sets

Buyers who are greeted by beautifully crafted outdoor nativity sets when they step foot onto your property feel a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The illumination of lights and intricately designed figures set the stage for a wholesome and well-perceived home tour.

Nativity scenes depict the birth of Jesus Christ. Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus in the manger are the main characters in the scene, although most displays include the shepherds, Wise Men, angels, and various animals. This decoration is one of the most traditional holiday decorations adorning the lawns of homes across the country.

Nativity scene sets come in various shapes and sizes and are made from different materials like wood or iron. No matter which set you to place in the yard, expect it to deliver nostalgia where it’s most needed. The scene evokes emotions and connections to the home that draw in potential buyers and close the sale.

Special effects and lighting can enhance the scene and the emotions it evokes in potential buyers. Consider adding a nativity scene to your home to create a thought-provoking, heartfelt scene and sense of being.

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Create a Welcoming Entrance

The magic of the holiday season should continue when potential buyers step foot on the porch. Continue the warmth by placing a festive wreath on the door and decorating banisters with sparkling lights and garland. Accents like poinsettias work wonders adorning the outside of the home (as well as the inside foyer.)

Deck the Halls With Festive Decor Inside the Home

Potential buyers should feel nostalgia immediately after stepping foot inside the home. Holiday nostalgia comes alive with a few festive decorations.

Christmas trees are one of the most popular Christmastime decorations in American homes. Decorating a tree and placing it in a visible area of the home. By adding a tree to the home, you send feelings of nostalgia to potential buyers.

Cheerful decorations also evoke feelings of happiness. Happy buyers close deals. There is no limit to the kinds of decorations you can add to the home’s interior. The more, the merrier this time of year.

Create enhanced interior charm by placing a garland on mantels, setting up a decorated Christmas tree, and placing knick knacks or other decorative items in appropriate, prominent spaces.

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To continue creating a welcoming holiday environment, place scented candles with seasonal fragrances and evergreens appropriately throughout the home. Playing soft Christmas music in the background can also give insight into feelings of happiness when potential buyers enter the home, especially when they hear Mariah Carey welcoming the holiday season.

Holiday Decor is Essential to Sell Your Home at Christmastime

Staging a home when it’s Christmastime is even more exciting than decorating at regular times of the year. You can decorate a home at Christmastime with lights, colors, and so many pieces of decor not available the rest of the year, giving the potential to bring out the best in the home. Start with a great nativity scene to welcome potential buyers to the property, and finish with the great holiday-themed decor of your choice on the inside. With these ideas, your home will stand out from others on the market and attract buyers who were not necessarily house shopping at the time. The result is a home that sells and is off the market fast, even when it is Christmastime.


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