Decorating With Curtains – 6 Inspiring Ideas

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When you step into a room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the windows. Yet, window treatments are often neglected. Although curtains have many practical functions, they have undeniable aesthetic purposes, too. With a bit of creativity, well-chosen curtains can become an interior statement piece.

Here are a few ideas that will help you add a unique flair to your space with the help of these versatile window treatments.

Bring Colour to the Space

Colours can add a lot of life to a space, but committing to a bold shade requires bravery. For instance, while painting your walls bright turquoise might seem like a great way to evoke a coastal ambience, you might regret this decision after two months of staring at such an adventurous shade.

On the other hand, interior features that can easily be swapped when you get bored of them are the perfect way to introduce a splash of bright colours without too much commitment. Colourful curtains can add a dose of playfulness to an otherwise neutral-coloured space. Swap the curtains based on the season or your mood to create the ambience you want.

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Make Your Design Cohesive

Does your space feel a bit haphazard and all over the place? You don’t necessarily have to invest in new furniture just to make your design more cohesive. Whether you just need something to draw the whole look together or you have a piece of furniture that disrupts the harmony, matching your textiles can be an easy fix.

Picking similar-coloured curtains and throw pillows will instantly give your room a magazine-like look. With the appropriate shade, you can also draw attention to small details around your space for an eye-catching result.

Experiment With Bold Patterns

When picking furniture pieces, most homeowners strive for minimalism. While a simple interior with solid, neutral colours and clean surfaces certainly looks sleek, it can become boring after a while.

Patterns can effortlessly bring a lot of interest to a space. But similar to bright colours, they also require some boldness. Fortunately, you can experiment all you want by swapping your curtains from time to time. Today, ready-made curtains come in a vast selection of colours and designs, so you don’t have to worry about the expensive custom-made models. Introduce gentle elegance with a floral pattern, or complement a modern space with a geometric alternative.

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Think Beyond the Windows

We might use curtains primarily as window treatments, but they also lend themselves to many other purposes. With some creativity, you can use curtains in unexpected ways to create a unique design.

You can use curtains in lieu of doors to divide your space in a laid-back way. Curtains can also give an old-time charm to the bedroom when used as a canopy. The appropriate material can even provide your patio with some much-needed shade for a comfortable outdoor living space.

Create a Dramatic Atmosphere

The colour and material you choose for your curtains can largely determine the atmosphere of the room where they hang. You can create a summery atmosphere with sheer, light curtains or bring some drama to your intimate spaces with deep colours.

Look for thick, dark-coloured ready-made curtains for a truly dramatic effect. Burgundy, emerald green, or even black can work. The added benefit is that these curtains will also provide an added layer of insulation, preventing warmth from escaping your room on cold winter mornings.


Add Some Height

Does your room feel a bit small? While changing the height of your ceiling won’t be easy, well-placed curtains can create the illusion of height. In addition, your windows might appear larger as well.

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Curtain rods are usually hung 15 to 20 centimetres above the window. Try and aim for the higher end to add some extra height. Nevertheless, don’t overdo it, or the result might end up looking awkward and unappealing.

Don’t Let Curtains Be an Afterthought

Although curtains have a utilitarian function, they have vast potential for anyone with a bit of creativity. They can influence the room’s atmosphere or even play a major role in the design. Experiment without commitment to come up with a stunning, cohesive look, or use curtains in unconventional ways for an unexpected result.

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