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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Christmas is close so it’s about time to start decorating our houses. Next, we’re presenting some great decorating ideas for your home, through which the entire space will receive a special holiday aspect.

In case you’re bored of all the old Christmas decorations, don’t throw them away because you can reuse them in order to accessorize your home in a unique way. Wrap a ribbon with Christmas motifs around a hanger and hang on this décor item the decorations with strings in different colors or with a ribbon. You can use this idea if you want to hang a lighting object with different lights, which you can place over the bed.

The pleasure of arranging your home is as bigger as you make the decorations yourself. If you love the origami art, then you can create Christmas decorations from origami. You need paper or colored napkins to cut them in the shape you want. Create different decorations and hang them in the Christmas tree, on the walls, doors or lighting objects. The kids will definitely love them.

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The next option is the easiest one and anyone could make it. You need colored paper, crayons, ribbon, string and glue. Cut the paper in different shapes and stick them to the string. You can print different patterns to which you can then attach assorted ribbons. Hang the new decorations on the chimney, the frame of the mirror, the window or even on the Christmas tree, replacing the classic tinsel.

The best way of bringing the glow into our homes is to use candles. To create this composition, you need a plate or a tray that will be the base. Use different Christmas figurines, candles in different sizes to place in glasses, jars, metallic boxes, dried branches, ivy and pine cones. Some strings of golden or silver beads will highlight the arrangement and a little sparkling dust will create a festive atmosphere.

Vintage metallic boxes create a welcoming atmosphere. Attached to the wall or chimney with the colored ribbon will create the perfect candle holder. In case you can’t find these boxes on stores, you can make them from cans, cutting them in different shapes to create an ambient light.

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In case you have a blank wall and you have no idea how to decorate it, you can create a little Christmas tree. To give it a shape you have to create the contour with a red string, which you glue with colored adhesive tape. After completing this step, stick different Christmas decorations or lighting items for the tree. As an alternative, you can create the shape of the fir tree by using funny printed adhesive tape. Remember, how you store the decorations between holidays is just as important.  For your most valuable Christmas decorations, padded ornament storage and boxes are worth the investment, keeping things safe for years to come.



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