Spectacular Luz Apartment in Barra da Tijuca, Brazil

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Featuring impressive views of the surrounding environment as well as an endless list of high-end amenities and facilities, the incredible Luz Apartment can be found in Barra da Tijuca, which is a borough in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This amazing abode features a clean, minimalistic allure that was achieved through a clever use of modern furnishings, high quality finishes and contemporary d├ęcor elements that manage to give off a sense of utmost warmth and tidiness at the same time. All the different areas of the apartment, including the living room, bedrooms and workstations boast suitable adornments in the form of works of art, while comfortable seating arrangements provide ample opportunities for socialization or relaxation.

The Luz Apartment was sketched out by experts from a Brazilian studio called Laclau + Borelli Arquitectos Asociados, and you can admire their work up close by browsing through the following image gallery.

Photos by MCA Estudio, Luciano Bogado


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