Authentic Blue Jay Way Residence by McClean Design

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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What could be more spectacular than the 6,800-square-foot Blue Jay Way Residence? We have to admit that we haven’t seen anything alike. What you’re about to see, will leave you speechless.

It is located in Los Angeles, California, USA and was designed by the Californian studio McClean Design. So, if you’d like to blame someone for this, you can blame them. They got a little help though, from the Corr Contemporary

Homes who built the house. Anyways, by joining forces, they’ve managed to finish a genuine piece of art.

As for the views, if you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re on top of the world, here is where you’ll find that feeling because it provides spectacular views over Los Angeles, Santa Monica, the Pacific and Catalina Island.

The central element of this home is a long pool around which the whole project was designed.  As you enter the house, you get to step on a glass bridge placed over the pool.

No need for further talking, we’ll let the pictures tell their story.

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Photos by Nick Springett

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