Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

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There are plenty of people who wish to build a swimming pool but postpone the idea due to the enormous expenses involved. Constructing a swimming pool does not always involve huge funds and a large area. Building a swimming pool is not impossible on a budget, but you require careful planning and research.

Planning and preparation to build a pool

Building a swimming pool involves a lot of planning. When you are building a pool on a budget, you need to plan more carefully to avoid unnecessary expenses. Depending on your backyard’s shape and area, you will have to finalize the material, design, and location of your pool. Is My Backyard Suited For A Swimming Pool

Smaller sized pools are easier to install and maintain. They consume less energy for heating. Proper landscaping can make a small-sized pool look attractive. Fibreglass pools are a better option for those looking to build a pool on a budget. Fibreglass pools are less expensive to install and maintain. They can be installed in-ground or above ground. Depending on your backyard level, soil conditions or slope you may have to choose between in-ground or above ground pools to minimize the expenses.

Above ground pools Vs In-ground pools

Above ground pools are an attractive option for those on a budget. They have specific advantages like they are easy to set up, easy for cleaning and maintenance and suitable for smaller spaces. They also have disadvantages like lack of depth, they get easily damaged and are less durable than in-ground pools.

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Even if you go for in-ground pools, there are plenty of options to make them look attractive without breaking the bank. We list some options to make your in-ground pool attractive within budget.

1. Select a dark-coloured pool

When selecting a fibreglass pool go for a dark-colored pool. Dark-colored pools look great and have many advantages. They keep the water warm and are energy efficient. This translates into less heating charges. Due to their dark color, they hide minor dust and debris.

2. Install LED lights.

Replace your halogen or incandescent lights with LED lights. LED lights are available in different colors. LED lights last longer, and they can be customized according to your requirements. They can change the color and ambiance of your pool. LED lights are often placed on the plants, landscape, and other structures. Proper lighting can make the pool area safe and more attractive. String lights, floodlights, floating lights, and tiki torches are some pool lighting options.

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3.Fit a tanning ledge.

Fitting a tanning ledge makes your pool a comfortable space. A tanning ledge can double up as a space to rest, add water features or furniture. Fibreglass pools come pre-fitted with tanning ledges and steps at no extra cost.

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4.Enhance your deck and patio.

There are plenty of materials available to upgrade your deck. From the affordable concrete to the expensive wood composite or synthetic. There are other materials available like pavers, wood, brick and unglazed tiles. All these materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

5. Fix underwater mosaic.

Underwater mosaics are available in a variety of designs. These mosaics can be redesigned to depict different scenes and patterns. They are an economical way to make your pool look striking.

6. Add a water feature.

Add a fountain or waterfall to your pool. The water feature will look attractive and the sound of falling water will add serenity to the ambience. A cascading waterfall or a rock waterfall can add character to your pool. Bubblers make gentle sounds, and they are perfect for shallow areas of the pool. The water feature can be lit up at night to make it more attractive. Adding jets along bench seating areas or steps can give your pool a spa-like ambiance.

7. Construct a fire pit.

Combining fire and water is a good idea. A fire pit will provide warmth to your pool area. There are various types of fire pits available like an in-ground fire pit, above-ground fire pit, bio fire pit, prefab fire pit, custom fire pit and fire bowl. Fire pits are manufactured of different materials like brick, stone, steel, concrete and pavers. You can select one according to your budget. The smoke from the fire pit can act as a pest repellent, and adding mint leaves, sage, rosemary and lavender to the fire pit will improve the pest repellent effect.

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8. Growing plants in the pool landscape.

Various types of plants can be grown in the pool landscape. You have a choice between flowering varieties, vines and ornamental grasses. Plants are an affordable way to provide freshness to the pool area. Plants such as lavender, citronella, sage, cedar and basil can act as pest repellents along with providing a natural scent to your pool area.

9. Incorporating a seating area near the pool.

You can create a seating area near the pool by using lounge chairs, wicker chairs or cushions. The seating area can be covered using pergolas or umbrellas. Distinct lighting can be used to highlight the seating area during parties and get together. You can either scatter seating and outdoor furniture all around the pool or create a separate seating area.

10. Enclosing your pool area.

Fences or screens can be used to enclose your pool area. Pool enclosures have many benefits like providing privacy, safety, and keeping pests away. A smaller pool will cost less for enclosing as compared to a larger pool. The costs vary according to the type of enclosure chosen.

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If you do your homework well, you can easily build a pool within your budget. Include space for any outdoor features like outdoor kitchens or pool shower in your plan. You can add them later when your budget permits. Remember that renovating a pool is a costly and unsatisfactory activity. If you plan to use your pool regularly, then go for quality materials. Never cut corners on safety features, especially if children or senior citizens are going to be using the pool.

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