Villa Spee In Haelen, The Netherlands


Built for a married couple and their child, Villa Spee is located in Haelen, The Netherlands, and it was sketched out by architect Loek Stijnen from Lab32 architects. It replaces an older bungalow from the 1960s and boasts external wall insulation, window frames made out of aluminum as well as wooden shades. One of its most impressive design features includes a box-shaped volume that appears to be floating above the undulating landscape.

The box features panoramic windows at its front and back, which help fade the limits between the interior and exterior spaces. The interior design is the work of decorator Rob Zeelen, and it gives off a sense of elegance and minimalism. The back of the house flaunts a terrace as well as a swimming pool and a pond, all of which offer perfect opportunities for fun and relaxation.

From the architect:

This villa for a married couple with child is built on the original location of a dated bungalow from the 60s in Haelen, The Netherlands.

The villa, designed by architect Loek Stijnen from Lab32 architects, meets the residence preferences for country living. The “box” floats beautifully above the naturally undulating landscape, fitted both at the front and at the back with panoramic windows that optimize the indoor/outdoor connection.

The beautiful lower terrace at the back, with swimming pool and pond, connects seamlessly to the covered outdoor terrace and strengthens the inside – outside connections. The indoor design drawn by interior decorator Rob Zeelen is in perfectly harmony with the villa, matching beautifully with the minimalist aesthetics pursued by the clients. Sleek and pure design combined with warm materials. The designers left nothing to chance and created an absolutely exclusive made-to-measure suit offering an optimal living comfort.

The materials palette is limited to white plastering on external wall insulation, wooden shades and natural aluminum window frames.

Location: 6081 CH Haelen, Netherlands
Principal: Ing. Loek Stijnen architect BNA
Project Manager: Clark Teensma
Year: 2014
Photographs: Jo Pauwels

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