Villa Lugano In Switzerland By Angelo Pozzoli

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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This modern villa was built in 2012 within a town in southern Switzerland named Lugano, and it was sketched out by Angelo Pozzoli. Definitely large enough to accommodate a family in superb conditions, it spreads on four levels and provides eye-watering panoramas of the local landscape from its upper terraces.

Access between the different floors is achieved with the help of an interior spiraling staircase, which has exceptional aesthetic values apart from its practical ones. The interior design is centered on warmth and comfort, especially since wooden floors, natural light and natural plants play key roles in establishing a cozy and inviting ambiance. The villa’s highlights comprise an interior swimming pool, a sauna, a fully equipped kitchen, fireplaces and artful decorations based on exquisite paintings. Outside, the owners can sit back, relax and socialize at the multiple lounging areas, some of which can be covered for extra privacy and protection from the elements.

Photos by Giovanni de Sandre

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