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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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With 2020 being an exciting year, to say the least, we saw newer fashion trends and in higher quantities than before. What was the reason behind that? Some speculations hint at the possibility of the pandemic that ensued.

More and more people are staying at home due to prior events, and with that, people are becoming more conscious about their home interiors. It makes sense when you think about it. If you are staying and spending more time at home, you ought to make it a little more interesting.

With the increase in home offices and the added prevalence of working from home, interior designs seem to be getting increasingly attractive. One thing to note, you don’t want to go for a trend that lasts for a few months and then fades off, leaving you with an out of style design trend. If you are very experimental and like to change your interior design, then floral and botanical wallpapers might be ideal for you.

With the addition of more contemporary interior designs and the reintroduction of renewed old methods this year, we have a blooming design trend for 2021 with a wide range of diversity.

Here are the hot interior trends that you need to look at for 2021:

The Hawaii Trend

Hawaii has a very laid-back lifestyle. We all yearn for that kind of lifestyle from time to time. This trend reimagines the Hawaii lifestyle in the prospect of your home décor. 

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When you long for a tropical gateway, the designs that are inspired by the distant shores can offer a relaxing and calm living space inside your house. Want a safe and blissful place to recharge for your everyday work? Go for the Hawaii style by incorporating contemporary edge to a classic design with floral. The Hawaii trend introduces a distant shore vibe and tropical bright.

You can introduce various greeneries inside your home to get a tropical look. Bringing nature or the touch of it inside a house has been the dream of many nature lovers. People who often go hiking also tend to enjoy tropical touch inside their houses.

The Cottage Glamour

A touch of nostalgia and the traditional design of the cottage décor is something that introduces both mental and spiritual comfort for many. 

Last year’s events have inspired people to opt for this option as the need for nostalgia seems to obsess more people this year. The cottage-core décor or the simplistic yet elegant cottage design can be mixed with glamour sprinkles to introduce a traditional yet luxurious design in your home. The elegance of the vintage décor and the statement accessories in the form of golden accessories and gilded cutlery are different pathways to get the fantastic look even on somewhat tight budgets.

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The Old and the New

Looks, beauty, and glam, they capture people through their sights and their hearts. 

It’s a crowd-pleaser that appeals to everyone with an eye for art. This design works for homes that have some classical aspects already present. Things like original floorboards or exposed beans help elevate the flair that you will be able to add to your home decoration when you introduce various design aspects that both contrast and complement the old elements with the new. What you want is to create a balance, mixing the new with the old with each other to rest in harmony.

For the Spirituals

A brave, bold, and seemingly interesting kind of interior décor design introduces the various elements of nature inside your house. The Earthy and grounded shades among the other floral designs help introduce Zen inside one’s house. Having an earthy pallet ensures that you have an earthy feel all around the house. 

Adding botanical elements and floral wallpapers help complement the whole idea of spiritual decoration. Hanging paintings of landscapes and so on will increase the beauty of this trend even further.

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Ocean Inspired

The ocean’s sound, the scenery of it, and the hues all are different agents that help a person calm down. There are therapeutic sounds and beats these days that help people relax> Binaural beats have been helping people with their anxiety and headaches for years now. No wonder everybody seems to love the ocean and all that it has to offer. A relaxing, calming, and destressing decoration idea is to introduce the various aspects of the ocean inside your house. 

Again, paintings, ocean hues, and color palettes that are ocean focused can help you achieve such goals. Tables with an illustration of the sea, tranquil waves of the water, and ocean blues are key for this trend.

Floral Wallpapers

Floral Wallpapers

In 2021, floral wallpapers got reintroduced into the interior home décor trend. Why?

Well, primarily floral wallpapers have changed significantly from the old ones that you used to see in your grandparent’s dining room. The materials changed, and so did their designs, quality, and glam. These days floral wallpapers mimic the prowess of an expensive paint-over of the walls. 

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Add the fact that you can also implement floral wallpapers with less to no hassle, they leave no marks, are swappable, and gives you options to experiment rather frequently at a much lower price, and you have a recipe for one of the hottest trends of the year. Whether it’s is botanical floral wallpapers that you want or, abstract patterned wallpapers, or constellation inspired, you can get them all.

End Note

One of the best recommendations that we give out to people is to look at interior décor magazines. What’s fascinating about home decoration is that you can sometimes add multiple layers of decoration inside a single house without any of them conflicting with one another. For example, mixing the Hawaii trend with something ocean-inspired and even with spiritual design trends. 

The list in this article was set in place with compatibility and diversity in mind. Have a go at it and enjoy the exciting outcomes that you end up with.


  1. My favorite example was definitely the one you gave about putting a Hawaiian spin on your house painting job. We’re a family that really liked to travel and visit beaches before we were encouraged to stay inside, so having an interior that reminds us of these kinds of places can really help us relax. I’ll ask for some help from any painting contractors in the area so we can get this look for our house.

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