Different types of bed frames and how to choose them?

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Bed frames come with every bed and just like beds, they also come in a variety of sizes to fit in the small and big room. Since there is a huge variety, it is very easy to find the one that fits the needs of the style and space needs of the bedroom. 

We are going to discuss some of the common types of bed frames that will give you an idea as to how you can choose the one for your room to enhance its look and improve the quality of time you spend in bed:

Sleigh bed frames

These frames look like a sleigh and they are curvy from the top. The headframe and foot frames are different in sizes. However, in order to achieve cohesion, their design and color scheme is same.  

These bed frames are ideal for those people who generally like beds which are slightly lower in height. However, they might not be an ideal option for those who have space issue in their bedroom because their side panels take up more space. If you are someone who is in love with the contemporary style, the idea of going with sleigh bed is best. You can buy bed frames online at Luxo Living.

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Platform bed frames

Unlike sleigh beds, these frames are slightly elevated from the floor. Due to this, people have plenty of options to keep their belongings underneath them. This way, platform frame provides them with the extra storage option. Since the elevation is quite high, they are often supported by an additional leg in the mid 

Canopy bed frames

These bed frames are not different from traditional beds and what makes them standout is the canopy on top. These frames are poles on all 4 sides to support the canopy. You cannot convert a conventional bed frame into a canopy style bed. Rather, this style is considered from the start.

In order to enhance the look, you have an option to hang drapes with the roof. There are hooks attached with the poles to support drapes. In addition, you can go with dangling light to create a romantic and sleepy environment in the room. 

Fabric bed frames

The main purpose of every bed is to enhance the comfort. The bed frame with fabric adds elegance. You can choose a huge variety of colors and prints to achieve a stunning look. The biggest advantage of using fabric frames is that you can clean them with vacuum cleaner to keep them in the best-looking condition for a longer period of time. Although they are easy to clean, they are very quick at catching dust. 

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Fabric bed frames

Wooden bed frames

Wooden furniture never goes out of fashion as it is best for achieving a vintage look. Wooden frames can be customized into any style and design depending on the look and theme of the room. They are robust and go a long way with you. Since the wood is a durable material, you often have to pay a high price for wooden frames.

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